Friday, July 20, 2018

Needs Fixin: 1969 Lotus Europa S2

The Europa was a sporty two seater built by Colin Chapman's Lotus Cars in Norfolk, UK.  Only 9300 of these high-butted gems were built between 1966-1975 and in today's world of overpriced junk (see Porsche 912 prices...ahem) the Europa is still surprisingly affordable as long as you avoid over priced examples for sale on various interweb auction sites. Find this 1969 Lotus Europa S2 offered for $12,500 CAD ($9,431 USD or 649,440 Indian Rupees) via Tip from Erik202.

From the seller:
Body TypeCoupe (2 door)
DrivetrainRear-wheel drive (RWD)
Fuel TypeGasoline
No. of Doors2
No. of Seats2
Rare 1969 Lotus Europa. Needs lots of TLC. All pieces are there. needs brake bleed and rad flush. Motor and transition are good. 

See a better way to drive something classic that handles?


  1. Wow, this guy has no idea what he has

    Wonder what the build date on this one is. It looks like a S1 nose but it also looks like it has opening windows ( never mind the bonded frame, can you imagine driving a S1 Europa with no AC and no opening windows? ) also has S1 door handles. That indicates it is one of a handful of transition S2 versions build with leftover S1 parts.

    This is a screaming deal considering the rarity.

    I like the S1 looks combined with the S2 nods in the general direction of practicality of in the distance.

    1. nods in the general direction of practicality of in the distance.

      should be

      nod in the general direction of practicality off in the distance.

      just after calling out someone else's misadventures with autocorrect ... sigh

    2. Commence self!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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