Monday, July 23, 2018

MTREC Just Kicked In, Yo: 1991 Honda Beat

Juan Pablo Augustus Pininfarina put this mighty pen to paper many times over the years to design some beautiful cars..exotics, mid-engine things and the like...but few people know that old John-Pap-Pin (as his friends in the pub called him) designed the 1991-1996 Honda Beat.  Find this 1991 Honda Beat here on eBay bidding for $1300 with $3,200 buy-it-now located in Seattle, WA. Tip from Hugh.

 From the seller:
1991 JDM Honda beat Mid Engine 2 seater convertible 660 5 speed power windows power locks remote keyless entry Japanese navigation system with you blue headlights AC very nicely equipped car driver's side airbag this car looks great runs great drives great fun and dependable .

Condition: Used
Seller Notes: “1991 Honda beat convertible JDM Mind Engine 660 5 speed manual power windows power locks AC Japanese navigation blue headlights fun and reliable car rear plastic window Zips in 4 engine access easy fix needs to be D tuned or add octane booster and at any time for any reason 650 339 3981Fiat Miata MR2 600 x19”
Year: 1991 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 00000000000000000
Mileage: 85,000 Transmission: Manual
Make: Honda Body Type: Convertible
Vehicle Title: Clear
Engine: 660 Options: Convertible
Safety Features: Driver Airbag Exterior Color: Red
Power Options: Remote keyless entry, Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows Interior Color: Gray
Fuel Type: 92 Number of Cylinders: 3
Drive Side: Right-hand drive

See a better way to drive something kei?


  1. Thelackopunctuationcombinedwiththestaccatosyntaxmakesforamildlyinterstingreadinandofitself.

    Octane booster? Or would 93 do the trick?

    1. So you are saying that prose has no beat so you can't dance to it?

  2. "No longer available". Looked like a great deal, if condition was good. I guess we will never know.....

  3. BTW if you want to buy a mid engine car that was the last car approved by the founder of an eponymously named car company and designed by Pininfarina you are pretty much stuck deciding between Soichiro Honda's Beat or Enzo Ferrari's F40.

    Lets see, a beater F40 or 400 Beats. ( I kid, obviously the Ferrari is a more practical buy, have you seen the price for a 400 car garage much less the cost of suing the local HOA? )

    I don't know which is more giggle provoking , the fact that the math just worked out that way or imagining inviting 399 of my closest friends to help me go on a drive with my 400 Beats.



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