Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Long Beach Grand Prix Celebrity Racer: 1991 Toyota Celica GT

The Toyota Grand Prix in Long Beach was an annual Pro/Celebrity race in Toyota street cars that was first run in 1977.  The race has always had lots of carnage and is typically more fun to watch than the Indy/IRL/ChampCar parade of high-powered wing-equipped spec-chassis 'race-cars' held later in the day.  Unfortunately Toyota pulled their support of the race when they moved their USA HQ from Torrance, CA to somewhere in Texas, but the glory of the Pro/Celebrity races lives on in spectacular crashes (like the one where George Lucas is punished for Episodes 1,2,3) s and old used race cars. Find this 1991 Toyota Celica GT Racer here on eBay bidding for $5,500 in Mundelein, IL with 4 days to go.

From the seller:
1991 Toyota Celica GT Race Car
This Toyota built race car that has never been a street car it was built by Toyota for Grand Prix Long Beach Pro/Celebrity Race for 1991 and 1992. This car can be used for many different race series. Autocross, track days, lemons, camp car,scca, NASA, vintage racing or a keep as a collectors item and have fun with. Also this car can be titled, driven on street or tracked. This is a great opportunity to buy a great race car that has the hard work done. We can help arrange for shipping.

List of item in car:

Rust free California car
Sparco drivers seat
Passenger seat
Height Adjustable shocks
Camber plates
Steel braided brake lines 
Fire suppression system
Main Power shutoff
Exhausted Header and pipes
Roll cage ( depending on class may require Additional bars)
Less than 11800 miles

I also have a white 1994 that is listed on eBay and also from the Long Beach Grand Prix.

The car will sell if bidded on.

Asking $5500

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  1. Pedantic point of order - Toyota still sponsors the Indycar race, which is officially the "Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach." They did discontinue the Pro/Celebrity race though.

    1. You said it before I could. My Father-in-law was a marketing Exec for Toyota NA and pretty much ran this event back in the late 70's/early 80's. Tons of great stories from him about celeb misbehavior and general diva-ism that he had to corral/accommodate.

    2. Yeah -- I meant that Toyota pulled support from the Pro/Celebrity race. Actually, scuttlebutt in the media tent at the 2017 race was that it might the last Toyota LBGP race because of the big move, but it has lasted at least one more year...and we should all pray for many more!

    3. Word. I'm also 100% positive this car has been repainted. Craig T. Nelson and Donny Osmond drove Celicas that looked like this in 1991:

      [image src="https://media.gettyimages.com/photos/donny-osmond-during-1991-toyota-procelebrity-benefit-race-at-toyota-picture-id117926738?k=6&m=117926738&s=612x612&w=0&h=4yuWQos2Rsh4O1Q2kIHNZIMH_B8wAGWaPGIHhtR96mw=" width="400px"/]

    4. there I fixed it

      [image src="https://media.gettyimages.com/photos/donny-osmond-during-1991-toyota-procelebrity-benefit-race-at-toyota-picture-id117926738" width="400px"/]

      or if not


  2. The LeMons Supreme Court would penalize this with laps totaling a distance more celestial than terrestrial. Plus, to even take the green Phil would demand the team discover which celebrity actually drove this is period and cosplay said celebrity’s most illustrative media moment in the most humiliating way. Of course, extra Phil Points if you stay in character all weekend. Oh, and if there are communists and banana hammocks involved, too.

    1. And the IRONY of all IRONY is that this car would have about a ZERO point ZERO percent chance of taking the checkered flag at recent 24Hrs of LeMons race. MAYBE with a 22gallon fuel cell it could play the tortoise...but all the modified V8 powered junk out there would murder it around a fast track.

    2. This,
      How many times have you quietly smiled and shook your head at the riot act Phil levied on teams that have the audacity to show up with a late model whatever that has the lay-popular reputation as a “fast” car, knowing full well that their class A day is going to either a) end in an unceremonious display of BF-overkill ass-hattery, or b) end with them somewhere between the bottom third of the Bs and the top contender for IOE?

      As for the v8 craziness, yeah. It’s gotten pretty loud out there. Oh, wait...

  3. Better plan on replacing the ... tired exhaust system.

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