Saturday, July 7, 2018

Joe Dirt: 1985 Ford LTD LS1

In 1983-1986, the Ford LTD nameplate made its last hurrah on the fox body platform as a sedan and wagon.   The sedan weighed in at a relatively svelte curb weight of 3000 lbs.  Ford made a performance LX version of the car that came fitted with an uprated suspension and 5.0 V8.  Today's car takes the LX model idea ten times further.  A LS1 GM V8 from a F-body Camaro is now powering the car along with a built 4L60e auto trans.  The rest of the build has some custom touches and looks to be very well thought out.  Aside from the super dark tints, everything is done very discreetly.  Find this 1985 Ford LTD for sale in Macon, GA for $7,500 via craigslist.

Details from the seller:

1985 Ford LTD repainted and de-trimmed by Scott Milner of Coupe Performance. 

The car has: 
- 2000 Z28 LS-1 
- Freshly rebuilt 4L60e w/ 2800 stall FTI converter and shift kit (still column shifted), 
- Dynatech Long tube swap headers w/ 3" exhaust and straight through muffler, 
- 340 lph stealth fuel pump w/ Corvette filter
- 5-lug 8.8 rear end w/ trac lock, Summit axles, 3:55's and disc brakes 
- 5-lug GT brakes on the front w/ larger front sway bar 
- 17x7 front wheels w/ 245/45/17's and 17x9 rears w/ 275/40/17's 
- CD player w/ USB w/ amp and sub in the trunk
- Autogauge OBD II instrumentation 
- Tuned w/ HP-Tuners

Exterior and interior are in excellent condition. I drove the car to the Daytona Turkey Rod run last year and got an avg of 21.8 mpg.

There really is a lot to like with this build. It seems like all the bugs have been worked out with the mention of taking the car on a power tour.  The square styling is not something that is not going to make high school cheerleaders swoon, but if sleepers are your thing you can't go wrong with this.

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  1. Does anyone else like the LTD from the movie Men in Black?

    1. That one was a Crown Vic version. I've daydreamed about creating a clone with a Coyote under the hood, with the button that Jay is not supposed to press triggering a nitrous system.

  2. That drive train in that body is like the 'nice girl' you wouldn't date in high school - wonderful inside but a bit hard on the eyes.

  3. I built that car a couple years ago. Was a fun street car and ran low 12's n/a.


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