Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I'll Have What's In The Box: 1987 AM General HMMWV Command Shelter Camper

File this next vehicle under the heading "I don't know what I'm looking at, but I know I want it"...wait...that is everything on DT...okay, fair point.  ANYWAY, if you need a cheap bugout zombie apocalypse survival vehicle, this looks good.  Find this 1987 AM General HMMWV Command Shelter Camper offered here on eBay for $3,950 buy-it-now located in Woodland Park, CO.

Okay...yes...this isn't an actual car for about $4k -- it is just the camper top that sits above the basic HMMWV truck, so what you need is a cheap truck to go under it. Like this 1992 AM General Humvee Truck offered here on eBay for about $11,250 in Florida.  Combine these two and you've got a sweet $15k vehicle.

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  1. I am more interested in the Ford GT40 in the garage of the 2nd pic?

  2. Just the shelter...not the vehicle. Let's face it; it's camouflaged so how could you know?

  3. The listing you’re looking for is no longer available. Check out this similar item we found for you.

    oh really?

    And what environment is that camouflage optimized for anyway? Futurama? Adventure Time?


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