Monday, June 18, 2018

Totally Innocent: 1997 BMW 318Ti

From the firewall forward the 318ti Compact is identical to the basic E36 sedan, but behind the A-pillar the compact BMW is unique.  It has a hatchback rear, uses the older E30 semi-trailing rear suspension (shared with the Z3/M Roadster & M Coupe) and is noticeably more tail happy than the regular E36 -which is already prone to violent outbursts of oversteer.  The 318ti compact version was an attempt by BMW to capture some of the lower end of the market with a lower price and 4-cylinder power, but the handling was not compromised and the Ti badge *probably means it will be worth more than the average pile of bolts when it gets old enough to be cloaked in the narcotizing fog of nostalgia. Find this 1997 BMW 318Ti offered for $7995 near Northridge, CA via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

From the seller:

1998 bmw e36 
VIN: WBACG7327WAS99873 
condition: excellent 
cylinders: 4 cylinders 
drive: rwd 
fuel: gas 
odometer: 220000 
paint color: blue 
size: compact 
title status: clean 
transmission: manual 
Up for sale is a perfect example of a well kept 318ti Mtech M44 4 banger. The car is in near perfect condition for its age with slight wear on the interior and body. Please read the add before asking any questions.

Serious Buyers ONLY $7995.00 OBO. NO TRADES, I can be reached at show contact info 


Binder full of service records/receipts.
Clean CA Title
Just smogged last week title in hand

VIN# WBACG7327WAS99873

220K miles runs very good.

New Spark Plug and Wire Set

New M3 clutch

K&N turn down air intake

Factory airbox included

New Bosch idle control valve

New OEM crank case vent valve

New Oil filter reservoir gasket

New Continental serpentine and AC belts

New aftermarket electric fan

New Reinz valve cover gasket

New Castrol synthetic oil

New magnetic oil drain plug

New OEM radiator clips

New water pump

New Royal Purple trans fluids

New Magnetic trans plug

3.46 LSD + finned cover

New Royal Purple Gear fluid

New Magnetic diff plug

Honda Resonator

Magnaflow Muffler

Complete Z3 M Coupe Rear Suspension

TC Kline SA Coilovers

450 lb. front springs / 600 lb. rear springs

TC Kline front Camber/Caster plates

Rogue Engineering rear shock mounts

OEM front reinforcement plates

M3 front calipers

Z3 M rear calipers

M3 front hub carrier

R1 Racing drilled / slotted rotors

Stoptech Ceramic Pads all around

NEW Accelera tires

Brand New ESM-005R 17x8.5 17x10 wheels

Silver + Machine Polished lip

2oz bottle of Avus Blue Metallic

1 spray can of Avus Blue Metallic

2oz bottle of Gloss Clear Coat

1 spray can of Gloss Clear Coat

New OEM 96+ nose panel

New OEM chrome + black kidneys

New OEM Lux slat grille + OEM Sport mesh grille

Aftermarket PP front bumper with molded front lip

Motion Motorsport Aluminum Undertray Panel

OEM Euro Aspheric Mirrors w/ blindspot

Factory M Sport side skirts + M moldings

Factory M Sport rear spoiler (RARE)

Factory M Sport rear bumper

Factory M Sport mirrors

Nano Ceramic Tint

Matte Black vinyl banner

15% front windshield strip

15% rear pop out windows

15% rear window

30% front windows

Euro ZKW Glass Headlights

Aftermarket clear fogs

Avus Blue fog delete covers

OEM BMW clear corners

OEM BMW sidemarkers

OEM BMW euro tails

Black Micro Suede Headliner

Gray Millpoint Sport Interior

OEM black dash and carpet

M cloth shift boot and e-brake boot

M cloth on steering wheel tabs

Three-spoke M steering wheel

OEM ZHP shift knob

Kenwood KDC-X894 Bluetooth

iPod connection inside glovebox

MB Quart front tweeters

Rockford Fosgate 4-channel amp

Power Bass Amplified Subwoofer box

*Results may vary.
See a better way to start your E36 collection?


  1. These are a ton of fun and this one looks to have been done very well. That said I would prefer a ratty version for 1/2 the price and drive the crap out of it.

  2. Boy racer appears to have taken this B-ATCH down to tuner town!

  3. Nostalgia isn’t fickle, is she? It’s either smacking you across the cheek or gently tapping your shoulder; both relentless in their own way. As a matter of fact, this example is nostalgic inasmuch as it looks and sounds exactly like 1997 doctordel may have imaginatively spec’d it out in his thoroughly preoccupied mind, but held back by his heavily indebted existence.

    Combine wafts of nostalgia with tendrils of accessibility, toss in a measure of impulsivity and you’ve just described my last 3 car purchases. It’s like Venn’s perfect depiction of our vice, where the heaviest shaded middle slice makes perfect emotional sense to us, but often is less convincing to our spouses. We are all addicts of a sort here, aren’t we?

    1. I don't have a you a narc? You gonna tell my wife about the ratty C5 parked around the corner?

    2. I can be ;)

  4. "Cool" thought I, "a 318ti on AC Schnitzer Type II wheels!" Like the DTM5 had.

    Come to find out they are cast "3-piece look" replicas... lame.
    Although I do appreciate the fact that ESM is reissuing a bunch of hard to find stuff.
    ESM 005R


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