Sunday, June 24, 2018

Son Of A Donk: 1998 Lincoln Town Car Cartier

The third and final generation Lincoln Town Car was sold from 1998 until 2011.  Panther platform fans, taxi companies, and police departments all over the US bemoaned the eventual death knell of body of frame Town Car, Crown Vic, and Grand Marquis.  Town Cars came stock with 16" wheels fitted with tall smooth riding 60 series tires.  Today's feature goes way in the opposite direction by fitting a absolutely bananas set of 26" wheels and rubber band tires to donk out this poor TC.   Find this 1998 Lincoln Town Car for sale in Orange, NJ for $4,495 or B/O via eBay.

Details from the seller:

Custom Lincoln town car Cartier,full power ,moonroof ,cold ac ,super clean off white leather ,sitting on 26” wheels ,factory air suspension fully functional in the rear ,custom built music system with 4-10” midrange and 4 tweeters in a fiberglass rear deck ,single 12” subwoofer in a band pass box ported through the rear armrest ,4 amplifiers,crossfire/ Lanzar opti,pioneer Bluetooth hu with 9 band eq in the dash ,10” iPad in custom console up front as well sounds great and it’s pretty loud.i have other projects in mind so this must go I’m a little negotiable in the price so please feel free to make a reasonable offer .car is located in New Jersey ,buyer is responsible for shipping if necessary ,car has above average clean carfax and no accidents

Out of sheer curiosity,  how is the ride quality of a car that has had a +10 wheel upgrade?  To be fair, the iPad console looks well done and integrated into the car.  The mood lighting in the interior and trunk so not seem to befitting to a luxury ride like a TC, but once you installed the massive wheels there are no regrets!

See another car rolling on 26" wheels? email

Cory is plotting out what can be tackled on the two Mercedes over the summer.


  1. OK, 2 things:

    1. What is the appeal of donking a car (is that a verb)? I loved Hot Wheels as a kid. These kinda look like Hot Wheels to me. So is that it? I ask in all sincerity. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    2. Mounting the power amp in the middle of the trunk may look nice, but it kinda makes it unusable for many things. Gotta always be careful and not put any perishable groceries (freezer items, milk, eggs, dairy) on top, as the amp may cook 'em (or they may thaw, and drizzle ice water all over the amp). Can't put anything remotely flammable in there, if it heats up too much (gas can, cans of spray paint, etc).

    And if you're a mob boss, you *definitely* can't put, um, barely living or dead things in the back. Would really stink up the joint.

    Wait. Is this where the word REDONKULOUS came from?

    -Stan (who is so late to the party on these things that he's sometimes mistaken for being ahead of his time...)

  2. Trust me, I am no Donking expert. But I thought I read to get 26 inch wheels on there had to be suspension modification made. If not this may be a good deal. Seller stated he is flexible on price. Make a deal to sell him the wheels back and bring some real wheels with you to pick it up.
    Car look to be in pretty good shape.

    1. Yeah,depending how much it'd cost to get regular wheels, this could be a great deal...

    2. So, technically, would selling the wheels and bringing it back to stock be DE-donking?

      or RE-Stocking?

      -Stan (yeah... that Stan...)


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