Thursday, June 21, 2018

Shoulda Had A V8: 1995 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS V8 Swap

So you wanna be the next Kenny from the Block, but your whip is a stock Impreza 2.5 RS...that's not gonna work. You might get your drift on during a blizzard or with aggressive use of the e-brake, but 165 horsepower and fun-sapping all-wheel-drive ain't going to catapult you to youtube stardom.  What you need is a V8.  Find this 1995 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS V8 Swap here on eBay bidding for $1,525 with 4 days to go, located in Cedar Hill, TX.

From the seller:

 Resisted due to a 21 year old child that had no intention of paying. 

I came across this car a few months back. Its been a blast but unfortunately theres just not enough drift events in the DFW area to justify me keeping it. 

The previous owner completed the build and did a bad ass job. Nothing is half assed on the car. Looking to get into a M3, Tacoma, 4Runner, F150

Vehicle comes with a CA Clean title in the PO's name. I never bothered with a transfer since its just a track car for me

EFI 302 5.0 (V8); extrude-honed intake
JBA Firecone shorty headers
Custom 2 1/4" exhaust, Borla GT500 muffler
External Mustang Fuel pump
Z32 fuel filter
15 gal aluminum fuel cell mounted in trunk
BBK fuel pressure regulator
Custom Howe Racing radiator
16" Spal fan; 3qt Canton Racing accusump
 Custom oil pan
Phenix Industries power steering plumbing/fittings

T5 transmission, RAM hydraulic throwout bearing; Exedy Stage 2 clutch, Fidanza 13lbs flywheel
Pro 5.0 shifter, Hurst shifter and shifter handle
Custom 1-piece driveshaft
STi R180 (welded) rear differentiaL
Driveshaft Shop 800hp conversion rear axles 

ENGINE MANAGMENT: A9L ECU, Bee R* rev-limiter; MSD 6AL ignition system; Braille 21lbs battery

Fortune-Auto 500 Series coilovers (8k/6k)
Perrin Performance PSRS kit, Custom roll center/bump-steer kit, Whiteline steering rack bushings
95' Impreza FWD steering rack (for increased steering angle)
Custom FLCA; Custom front crossmember
Custom engine/transmission mounting, Custom steering linkage/steering shaft
STi drilled and modified front knuckles; STi rear subframe (solid bushings)
Whiteline poly differential mounts; adjustable rear lateral links; plated frame rails
 Custom DOM front bash bar
Custom 8-Point rollcage (1.75" DOM)

STi Brembo/hub/spindle conversion F/R
PowerSlot rotors, StopTech pads
StopTech SS brake lines
CNC hydraulic handbrake
Tilton 600 Series pedals (converted to manual brakes)
Tilton 75 Series master cylinders

XXR 530's F: 17x8.25 +20; R: 18x9.75 +20; 225/45/17 Falken 615K (Front); 245/40/18 Triangle TR968 (Rear)
ARP extended wheel studs
Muteki lug nuts

99' Impreza facelift front-end conversion
DEPO headlights, Lamin-X headlight/taillight tint
JDM GC8 front grille
tub'd rear wheel wells; HT-Auto sideskirts and front lip
 JDM rear spats
ABW Design duckbill spoiler
B-Magic 40mm overfenders F/R
Grimmspeed antenna delete

02 WRX dashboard
02 WRX gauge cluster
 AutoMeter UltraLite gauges
 DPI steering hub/quick-release
 Pro-Grip 15" aluminum steering wheel
Longacre rear view mirror
Longacre steering wheel hook
Recaro Profi driver seat, WITH ADJUSTABLE SLIDER, STi passenger seat
Sabelt 5-point driver's safety harness and four-point passenger's safety harness 

-Speedometer and Fuel Gauge
-Front blinkers (never wired up)
-Fluctuating idle (doesn't effect drivability, most likely vacuum leak or TPS adjustment)
-Very MINIMAL oil leak (rear main seal)
-There isn't a parking brake

 See a better way to drive a V8?


  1. Daaaang... this thing must be wicked to drive.

  2. Ummmm....huh... Can someone buy this and let me driven it a little so I know how to feel about it? It certainly has a lot of work in it.

  3. Hmm, looks like a candidate for New York plates on the condition that it never gets anywhere near New York state since I can't imagine it passing inspection.
    Sounds like lots of fun, but that steering wheel looks as painful to grab hold of on a hot day as it is to look at in any weather. Funny place for the master cylinder reservoirs. I really really don't need this but it sure looks fun...

  4. Are you sure that is a brake/clutch reservoir's looks like a hot piss-wizz holder.....lmao


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