Friday, June 29, 2018

Ready for LeMons: 1994 Saturn SL2 Race Car

It might not say in his official autobiography, but I'm pretty sure that Sebastian Vettel started his racing career in a Saturn SL2 with an automatic transmission -- and now he races a Fiat in F1, so that could be you for a small hunk of cash.  Find this 1994 Saturn SL2 Race Car offered for $1250 in South Jersey, NJ via craigslist. Tip from Jeff S.

From the seller:

1994 Saturn SL2 race car with auto transmission. 1.9 liter 4 cylinder with twin cam. Car runs great and starts right up. Has 142,000 original miles. Car has no leaks and has a new radiator.
Car has the following mods: 
Full roll cage is made from 1.75" DOM custom built by S&W race cars. 
Corbeau racing seat 
Corbeau harness
Jegs battery cut off switch
Car has been completely gutted, all windows have been removed other then windshield which will need replacement due to several cracks.
Air conditioning has been deleted
Air intake
Open exhaust 
Fan on manual switch

Would be a great autocross, rallycross, or road race car with minimal work. Brakes work but will need to be gone over, and will need race tires. Willing to start vehicle with battery in it however we will be keeping battery. Will include old battery so you have a core. 
Only reason for selling is because we lost interest in this project.

Have title in hand. Asking $1,250 obo. 

Please call or text me at 609 501 313seven at reasonable times. 

Car could be registered and would not require inspection. 

Start up video

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See a better way to start your wrecking career?

1 comment:

  1. Battery not included?
    Well at least they include the tires.


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