Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Long Time Owner: 1998 BMW 528i

This next car comes as a tip from Pushrod who writes: The owner has had this car posted for a while now.  The price has come down once so far.  Modifications appear very tasteful. Who doesn't like tasteful mods -- and a 6-speed late model BMW is just about perfect for daily driver use. Find this 1998 BMW 528i offered for $6600 near Richmond, VA via craigslist.

From the seller:
1998 BMW 528i
condition: good
cylinders: 6 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
paint color: black
title status: clean
transmission: manual
type: sedan
I have a black on black 1998 BMW 528i manual for sale.

I've owned this car for over 10 years and have done an extensive amount of work on it.

Engine and Transmission:
- 3.2 Liter S52 engine - 105k miles
- Full bolt on - Shrick cams, M50 manifold, 24 lb injectors, Turner Shorty headers, 803 maf and custom tune.
- 6-speed manual swap with 3.46 geared diff (non-lsd) - both were from cars with less than 50k miles on them.
- Clutch and Flywheel have <500 miles on them and still breaking in.

Suspension and Wheels:
- BC racing coilovers 8k/6k
- Full Lemforder suspension refresh from FCP euro
- Eibach front and rear sway bars
-18x9 OEM M parallel rims with Continental DW tires with 5-7k miles on them.

- Full alcantara seats front and back imported from Europe.
- Full alcantara headliner from an E39 M5

- The only flaw with the whole car - clear coat peel and some dimple dents in the hood
- Has facelift headlights and front bumper
- Hella smoked Celis taillights

AC works great, alot of car for the money. May be interested in parting it out - would need buyers for big ticket items first:
interior, engine, and wheels.

Interior -$1200 - full front and rear seats and 4 door cards
Engine - $3500 - all accessories and bolt ons included - except clutch and flywheel which would go with transmission
Wheels - $1200 - with tires

$6600 for the whole car without the wheels - would need to source your own. $7800 with the wheels

See a better way to drive a modified inline-6?

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