Saturday, June 16, 2018

Left Foot For Clutch: 1998 BMW 740il 6 speed

The big boy E38 BMW seems to get better and better looking with age.  These pre-Bangle designed cars were the last classically designed sedans that have excellent proportions.  The USA 7 series never came with a manual, but today's feature has had a 6 speed installed from a E39 540i sport.  The listing mentions some extensive exhaust modifications that should make this car sound like the devil's own chariot.  Hopefully, the aftermarket BC coilovers on the car can be adjusted higher as the car seems to be a little too slammed for the author's tastes.  Find this 1998 BMW 740il for sale in Deep River, CT for $7,000 via craigslist.

Details from the seller:

6 speed 7 series . Has 100k on engine and 200 on body 
6 speed swap from a 540i sport
New diff water pump intake gaskets valley pan/gasket pvc radiator starter alternator chain tensioner oil pan gasket 
Black leather with carbon trim 
Car has bc coil overs which have roughly 3k 
Gutted cats and no mufflers lets the m62 roar . 
K&n filter in air box 
DUDMD tune 
Car isn't perfect but that's expected for a 20 year old car 
Will come on stock wheels 

The photos in the add are pretty lackluster and do not show anything on the interior.  Assuming the interior was not a horror show, this seems to be a pretty good value.  A unnamed website has featured a couple a couple M5 drivetrain converted 7 series in the last six months.  The seller mentions the car coming with stock wheels, but any sensible person would immediately start searching for a set of M-parallels to bolt on.

See another manual converted 7 series? email

Cory needs to investigate why the serpentine belt snapped a exit from home last night.


  1. E38 w/stick was top of my list, none found in months of searching. But I don’t know if I would have gone for this one. How much to bring it back close to stock? Wheels, springs, exhaust. Is that paint color real? Interior? Where did the engine come from? 200k New England miles on the body. A lot of little projects undercoated by uncertainty.

    All that said, sorely tempting. A big, fast, comfortable classic with a stick, lights up all my indicators.

  2. Those great big rims and tiny little tires ( WTF is the point of that anyway?) and the backwoods unpaved location of the photos just scream "not the usual habitat of this car" although the cement mixer and excavator in that one photo suggests that pavement is in the future. This suggests so many interesting stories.

    The Yale professor owner just moved from the land of pavement to this house and realizes that 3/4 inch sidewall height is contextually inappropriate.

    The owner is a small town lawyer that took this car in lieu of cash from a drug dealer client.

    The owner is a small town drug dealer that took this car in lieu of cash from a lawyer client.

    The car was stolen and when the police found it the wheels had been changed like this.

    What I thought was an excavator in the background is actually a zombie proof RV , so when you combine the two they average out to a statistically normal motor pool. ( Yale statistics prof ? )

  3. Hugh.........this is 38 Cent's country forgot that

  4. Another one:


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