Friday, June 8, 2018

Hold On Here: 1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza (mid-engine V8)

The term "oh pooh" handle is welcome addition to the passenger side a-pillar to many modern vehicles -- typically SUV's and the sort that might induce pants staining excitement near the edge of a cliff...but I've never seen a full BMX bike style handlebar setup for the passenger until this mid-engine Corvair hit our tips inbox.  Find this 1964 Corvair Monza (mid-engine V8) offered for $14000 in Las Vegas, NV via craigslist.  Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:

*****ALL NEW PARTS*****

*1968 Corvette L79 327cu (350HP) Block
*Cam broken in, less than 10 miles on car build
*Short block build by Dan Fultz of Las Vegas
*bored 0.30 over standard, flat top pistons summit racing cam set (K1103)
*Hydraulic flat tapped duration 288/298 lift .444/.466
*Double roller timing chain
*Edelbrock aluminum heads
*Aluminum intake/Quadra-Jet carb 750 CFM
*Summit racing distributor
*944 Porshe turbo transaxle (auto)
*3 speed max torque 240 to 258 FT-LB strock build by German transaxle of America (Bend, Oregon)
*Rebuild/Modified for V8 Power
*Clutches (5 front, 4 rear)
*4 Planetary gears
*3.45 rings+pinion ratio
*Kennedy Engineered products
*(CV Axles) Custom made 930 Porche inner CV's/4x4 S-10 Chevy outer CV's
*Corvette Vacuum assist Master Cylinder
*4 Wheel disk brakes

*Aluminum high volume water pump
*Aluminum core radiator (front mounted)
*Dual electric fans
*4 adjustable coil over aluminum body shocks
*Double wish bone with tubular control arms with polyurethane bushings
*3 in. dropped front spindles (S-10 truck)
*Rebuilt aluminum Corvair steering box
*2010 Chevy Camaro Wheels 18" X 7.5"
*Falken steel belted radials
*1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza 2 door coupe full roll cage
*Removable engine/transmission sub-frame
*Bucket seats with 5 point seat harnesses
*full gauges in aluminum dash including GPS speedometer
*Modified Hurst V gate shifter in center console
*"HOT FOOT" boat throttle
*Hedman headers 1 1/2" primary 2 1/2" collector through turbo mufflers exit under rear bumper
*true dual exhaust

4 years of labor + over $18,000 in parts invested, CASH ONLY

See a better car to terrify your friends?


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