Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Highway Passing: 1993 Saab 9000 Aero

It is extremely difficult to find a rust free Saab 9000 most anywhere in the USA.  Saab's first large car has virtually vanished from the pages of craigslist- even in New England.  The Alfa Romeo 164, Lancia Thema, Fiat Croma, and 9000 all shared the same type four platform.  While the Thema has the cool Ferrari sourced engine and Alfa makes wonderful Busso music, it is the 9000 that seriously moves out.  The 2.3 turbo engine is one of the most underrated 4 cylinder engines of all time.  They can produce a silly amount of power with moderate modification and reasonable cash outlay.  A simple stage 1 ECU tune of the Trionic 5 software turns these cars into highway passing monsters.   The one weak spot to be aware of on Aero models was the TCS traction control system.  Find this 1993 Saab 9000 Aero for sale in South Vegas, NV for $2,900 via craigslist.  Tip from Fuel Truck.

Details from the seller:

1993 saab Aero 9000
Black exterior
Black interior
Power everything
Turbo works well
Rare car
Paint can use a touch up
Good condition

Ac and heat work great
4cyl turbo
Amazing mpg. 
Clean title 
Very powerful little sleeper
Stock recaro seats in very good condition 
I've owned this car for 10 years and purchased from a Saab enthusiast
Just getting a feel to see if there is any interest. Not in a rush to sell. I'm working on a few project
For sale or trade

The Recaro chairs have a reputation for being very comfortable, but typically wear poorly.  These chairs would benefit from some sand paper work and leather dye.  The oversized tail pipe looks as if it could be cut about four inches shorter so that it didn't extend past the bumper so far.  The body on this car seems to have been spared from the ravages of road salt.

See a another clean Saab 9000? email

Cory is working on sending a set of monoblock wheels to Atlanta.  Shipping wheels is for the birds.


  1. Looks very appealing, bought a car in Vegas and drove to the east coast in the past, it's a looooong drive.

  2. Picked up a '95 MT Aero from the original owner a few years back with 80-odd-K on the odometer. Is comfortable and fast, however the Recaro seats do make dealing with any young ones in car seats in the back extra challenging due to the large upper wings. As noted, the outer bolsters are frequent wear points, as well. Little rust to speak of as there's no salt used in AK, however there was some small corrosion starting behind the rear fender flares and around the windscreen - I suspect issues with Saab's design based on a few youtube videos where a MA mechanic talks about 'keeping them out of the broccoli'.

    Not too many big challenges to report, however the biggest challenge I've had with the car is sourcing spares for some plastic bits and headlamps. Ebay came through on the headlamp, however the cracked wiper fluid reservoir has proved more difficult to source a replacement for. This appears to be a common issue due to how the supports were cast into the plastic, leading to fatigue failures. Can be patched, but is going to fail again.
    Otherwise, most maintenance is straight forward. Vacuum hoses for the TPS system should all be replaced, and if the system starts to fail, I know it can be converted to a later setup with different throttle bodies, computer, some harness changes and some pedal switches.

  3. Zach- get that thing tuned and thank me later. There are a number of Saab tuners. I think Brew City Boost is one that is out west. Pick up a junkyard ECU and send it to them. It does not have to be from a Aero car. I giggle at thinking of my wife's reaction when I gave it the beans on a long sweeping on ramp and the car lit up the tires immediately.


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