Wednesday, June 20, 2018

De Trunk, De Trunk: 2003 BMW 745i

This past weekend I wrote up a E38 series and mentioned it's shape seemed to be aging very well.  The E65 7 Series that followed came with a polarizing new exterior design (then and now) and was the first BMW to use the also polarizing iDrive interior command center.  This was a 80 some odd thousand dollar ride back in 2003 so it was at the top of the food chain for BMW.  Today's car has had a recent full drivetrain swap (good), but the dash is lit up like a Christmas tree with idiot lights (bad).  Is this bargain priced Bangle butt sedan worthy of your greenbacks or a giant money pit?  Find this 2003 BMW 745i for sale in New Haven, CT for $2,750 via craigslist.

Details from the seller:

745i v8 . Just did a full motor tranny swap last month. Runs Strong and shifts smooth muffler Delete car roars 98xxx on swap . Daily it to NY so mileage will go up. All lights on dash are on after the Motor swap . Have to get ECU reprogrammed for $327.58. Which I'm not tryna pay. Also needs front left rotor it squeaks sometimes.

Shoot an offer. Or open to trades cars trucks , and maybe a Clean dirtbike or Atv lmk

A muffler delete is not a common modification on a large sedan like this.  I am not sure how much a full engine and transmission swap cost, but it sure seems odd to not pony up the $327.58 to make the dash lights go away.  Surely, the car would much a lot easier sell with them gone right??  Don't forget the ol' squeaking brake rotor, too!

See a luxury car with more CEL's on in the dash? email

Cory is getting rid of a bunch of rare Mercedes W124 parts on Friday to a buyer who driving out from the midwest to pick up the parts.


  1. As soon as I saw "tryna," I moved on. Not dealing with someone who thinks that's a legitimate form of communication. Now get off my lawn.

  2. Sheez, agreed. You go through the effort of a 7-series motor/tranny swap, but don't want to spring for the $327? That alone would more than pay for itself to clear out the dash lights, making it an easier sell... and the Batman photo angles are tryna gimme a heads ache, yo

  3. This guy is not "tryna" sell this car. Sounds like a BAD IDEA!

  4. He tryna dump his problem on the next sucker.

  5. At this price, it's a perfect Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car. Buy it and give it to the kids. They'll sit in it, make "vrooooom vrooooom" noises, and be happy as clams.

    And you can save $327.58

    Maybe get Mr. Coggins to hitch it up to his horse for weekend drives in the countryside.

    (hey, I'm tryna make this a win-win here...)

    -Stan (yeah, *that* Stan...)

  6. I sold these when they were new. The dash was usually lit up when they drove off the lot. BMW completely and totally used MY2003 buyers as beta testers for the new CAN bus technology in this car. Commissions on these were nice but man, oh man the headaches.


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