Saturday, June 16, 2018

Crybaby: 1955 Tatra 805

The Tatra 805 is an oddball Soviet Bloc off-road military hauler built from 1952 through 1962 somewhere behind the iron curtain. According to various online sources, the 805 was called "crybaby" because of the peculiar engine note from the aircooled V8.  Find this 1955 Tatra 805 offered for $16,000 CAD ($12,115 USD at time of printing) located in Mississauga Ontario, Canada via Tip from Rock On!

 From the seller:

Interesting trades considered but not expected to beat this oddity.

This is a Czechoslovakian made 1955 Tatra 805 military truck. Very similar vehicle in size to the Mercedes Unimog.

This truck is powered by a 2.5 liter air-cooled V-8 Hemi motor. Yes, you read that right.
Light weight independent torsion bar suspension, positive camber wheels, portal axles, fully lockable differentials, 4-speed transmission, 2-speed transfer case and a 12 volt electrical system. This technology was light years ahead of it's time for the 1950's giving this truck unstoppable off-road performance. This is a turnkey vehicle, street legal and licenced in Ontario. It runs, drives and stops perfectly. All electrical works. The rust you see in pictures is surface rust only. All the steel on the truck is in excellent condition, no thin spots or rust perforation anywhere.

The attached Youtube video is taken of this very truck in the Chech Republic before it was imported to Canada some 15 years ago.

The Tatra 805 was a low production truck limited to only 7,214 units, produced between 1952 to 1960. It is an extremely rare vehicle to find even in Europe. Running trucks are range in price between 20,000 and 40,000 Dollars. Transportation of such a large military vehicle along with import costs, duties and taxes to North America can cost upwards of $10K. Therefore, please keep in mind that my asking price is firm, as it represents only a fraction of the true value of this historically significant and fully functional vehicle.

And also, please keep your trade offers realistic.

Price $16,000
If you are reading this ad, the truck is still for sale.
If you're interested send me your number and I will call you.

See a better way to drive something 8-cylinder aircooled?


  1. I like this a lot better than those fancy Tetras on that other car/auction website.

  2. Tatras were made in Czechoslovakia, not the Soviet Union, and are proudly still in business, making motor vehicles since in the Xzech Republic.

  3. See a better way to drive something 8-cylinder aircooled?

    well there's this, but it misses your price cuttoff by at least two orders of magnitude...


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