Saturday, June 30, 2018

A Few Too Many Mods: 1983 Chevy Monte Carlo Convertible

General Motors never made a G-body convertible so I was pretty excited to find a homemade version searching the interwebs.  The initial excitement quickly changed to bewilderment when I noticed all the strangely chosen modifications made to the car- as if being a Monte convertible is not unique enough in and of itself.  The poor pictures in the listing make some of them difficult to make out, but there is a lot of head scratching and squinting in store once you dig in.  Find this 1983 Chevy Monte Carlo for sale in Clarksville, OH for $5,900 via craigslist.

Details from the seller:

This Chevy Monte Carlo custom soft top convertible is one of one. This car is a real head turner, perfect for fun driver/cruise in car. It is a turn key classic that won't cost you a fortune to own. 305 V-8 automatic, runs good and easy to drive. Loaded with custom features as you can see in the pictures. Even has working flame throwers in the tail pipe. The car was on display in a museum for many years in North Carolina. Selling on a clean KY title. Cash only, no trades , no Pay Pal, no shipping.

Here is the list of mods to the car that I was able to make out.  There very likely could be others that I missed:  flame throwing exhaust, custom pinstriping, Monte SS front and rear bumpers, rear spoiler, some sort of headlight and grill mod, police floods lights?, king cobra snake shift knob and door lock pulls, Cadillac fintail tail lights, spider web graphics on rear quarter panel, various stuffed animals from the rear view mirror/back seat/trunk, and some sort of faux or real side pipes.

See another car with working flame throwers? email

Cory picked up the set of refurbed BBS wheels for his 99 Merc E300 from the wheel shop


  1. Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum?

  2. Paul Jr design or OCC that top is sweet knot.....

  3. All that "work" then a bright yellow bumper sticker. Nice.

  4. Meth mods. Although, it does have flame throwers...

  5. As a kid, this guy REALLY wanted a Batmobile.

    Like, in the worst way.

    Luckily, his great uncle Buford gave him his mint 1983 Chevy Malibu in his will.

    Working for free at the junkyard on weekends, this guy assembled the car of his dreams.

    Ain't nothin' else like it in the whole wide world.

    You betcha.

    -Stan (who has a lot of admiration for a guy who has a dream, and makes it happen...)


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