Monday, May 14, 2018

Unusually Good Condition: 1978 Porsche 924

If you are on the hunt for a low buck car that wears the Porsche badge forget about the 911/912 -- the bargains are long gone. Even the prices of the 914 have shot through the roof -- blame the Luftgekühlt crowd for that one...but if you want a cheap Porsche that is cooler than a Boxster (sorry...great cars...not old enough to be "cool" yet...give 'em time!) look for a 924.  Find this 1978 Porsche 924 offered for $4999 in Hammett, ID. Tip from FuelTruck.

From the seller:
Time capsule! 

1978 Porsche 924 in unusually good, original condition. There is only minor fade to the black carpeting. The seats and dash are excellent (it's difficult to see with the sunlight in this photo, but the seats have the Porsche "houndstooth" fabric in the center section). The body is straight and the car runs well (at a current estimated 100,000 miles). 

It still has the original Blaupunkt cassette stereo, which works... as does the analog clock. Includes a fitted cover, a Porsche-branded bra to help avoid rock chips, the original (and quite nice) removable sunroof cover, and some other extra items. It's been consistently garaged since I bought it in March of 2015.

This 924 also has the rare distinction of having appeared in a magazine (for drummers!). 

While there are no guarantees, other entry-level Porsches such as the 914 and the 912 have proven to be reasonably good investments. As the number of well-maintained 924 examples decreases, this one may end up increasing in value - while giving you some driving fun in the meantime.

Please call for more information (texts will not be answered). Thank you!

See a better way to drive a classic P-car?


  1. for $5K you might be able to find a newer 924S or 944 wiith a Porsche 2.5 l engine rather than the 2 l VW motor.

  2. Can someone confirm this statement?


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