Monday, May 7, 2018

Speed Holes: 1969 AMC Ambassador Coupe

I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to old crappy cars that are painted in an sickly shade of green.  And there is no color like green to bring out the "huh" in a classic car, except maybe for brown, but brown has that "I'm too cool for school" look that all the kids dig these days, so here we are again, back at the buffett of rotten zombie flesh green.  Find this 1969 AMC Ambassador Coupe offered for $4250 in San Jose, CA via craigslist. Tip from Safety Fast.

From the seller:

Must Sell this Friday night or Saturday! No space for it anymore, first person with $4,500 takes it. 
No lowballing, no time wasters. 
Great car, but it's got to go. I'm leaving the country and sadly, I've got to leave this behind.

This is a rare running car that is priced to sell.

Text: (510) nine 2 Six 51, 26
Mention the words "AMC DPL" in your text

A fun & unique classic that turns heads.
No one else has a 69 AMC Ambassador! Only 155 of the DPL coupe were ever made!
2 bullet holes in the driver's side door from when it was new (on the South Side of Chicago)
* No rust
* AC car 
* Only 33,600 miles!
* Would make a great low rider, restomod, or even daily driver

Specs: 1969 AMC Ambassador DPL, 2-door hardtop, Automatic Column Shift (3 speed), 232 OHV6, odometer reads around 34k

Model 6989-5: 2-door Hardtop "DPL"
One of only 155 made!

The good:
* No major rust
* The interior is in terrific condition
* Always starts (might take a try or two)
* Drives like a dream
* All original (have original hubcaps in trunk)
* All major systems work
* No post car
* Unique looking car, but not hard to find parts because it shares mechanics with a lot of GM & jeep parts (the same inline six that the old jeeps are famous for)

The bad:
* AC is disconnected (needs compressor for $140 from O'Reillys) 
* It's got some bumps and bruises on the outside
* one of the rear lap seat belts is missing (no shoulder straps)
* Some small surface rust in the trunk
* Sagging headliner (fixed w/ rod)
* 2 bullet holes in the driver's door. (Also a plus?)

More pictures: 

Since I've owned it I've:
- Cleaned and adjusted the carb
- Replaced control arm bushings
- Replaced the front windshield
- Relubricated the front window wiper vacuum motor
- Installed rear speakers and basic AM/FM/CD player in glove box. No cuts or damage to the original glove box
- Replaced battery
- Made sure window seals keep out rain
- Replaced bulbs and general maintenance
- Installed solar trickle charger

What I think it could use:
- Clean the carb (right now it needs to warm up for a couple of min before driving)
- Repair headliner

I shipped it to direclty to CA from Wisconsin where it was a garage find and titled it in CA. Registration is good through June.

About the bullet holes, here is what we know:
- Originally sold on the south side of Chicago (not the safest of neighborhoods)
- Driven for 1-4 years before it was shot and possibly had some minor rear quarter panel damage too
- 2 bullet holes in the driver's side door that look deadly or at least very painful
- Everything is original except rear glass (where one of the bullets may have exited), headliner (blood splatter?), and interior drivers' side door (still available at the time).
- Mothballed post-shooting until ~2007 when it was put back on the road
- I bought it in 2013 with 28k on it.

Cash is king. 

Ask any questions you want, must sell on Friday evening 4/27 or Saturday 4/28
(might be available earlier this week if necessary)
Car is in downtown San Jose
Comes with receipts, spare parts, etc.

Even though I'm leaving the country, good trades may be considered for 60's-70's coupe with fuel injection or a newish civic coupe (with cash from you or cash from me depending on the trade)

Emails without a phone number will not be returned.

Title is in hand

See an easier way to go green?


  1. You had me at blood splatter...

  2. Funny how the GM wheels make it look like a GM product somehow. Bullet holes and blood aside , it's a handsome clean design begging for a repainted.

    1. I thought the same thing. I was expecting it to be a Canadian Monte Carlo.
      Pretty cool looking

  3. "...back at the buffett(sic) of rotten zombie flesh green." That is coffee snorting funny...

  4. Drove the 4 door version in the Army with a 3 in the tree 6 cyl Gutless with Marshmellow springs perfect for the Autobahn nan nan nan da autobabn......

  5. Sorry Sean, we have Canadian Mercurys and Beaumonts. Also most of the gunplay is south of our boarder. Perhaps you were thinking Mexican Monte Carlo.

  6. I love this car. Nice combo of the features of the AMC Rebel and the typical Ambassador. Plus.....nothing like a good story! I like that the bullet holes were never filled and patched.

  7. I guess you could say this car has killer looks! Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week...


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