Thursday, May 31, 2018

Seller Submission: 1987 Mazda RX-7 LT1 V8

(Update 5/30/2018, the beast is still for sale with new lower price of $5900). The second (technically third) generation (FC) Mazda RX-7 debuted in 1986 with new streamlined styling and more power from the available Wankel rotary engines.  For the first time in the US market, a turbocharged version was available, but the chassis featured the same fantastic reflexes and sporty seating....but power/torque from the Wankel isn't going to excite anyone in the 21st century...but a turbocharged V8 version with 500 whp might make an impression.  Find this 1987 Mazda RX-7 LT1 V8 offered for $8,000 here on DailyTurismo from seller Ahmad (see final paragraph of listing for seller contact info).

 From the seller:
Cold start video here:

And video driving here:

Currently Tagged and Inspected till end of the year
Location Dallas Tx

Rearmount turbo V8 speed

Motor specs
sbc 350 LT1 out of 1994 corvette
Forged Internals (Pistons), compression 9.5:1
Aluminum heads freshly built to 357 with eagle h-beam rods
Three angle Valve job
New Cam and Main bearings
New cloyes timing set + new melling oil pump
1.5 pro comp roller rockets
LT4 hotcam
Profesionally built and balanced
MSD opti and coil
42LB Bosh green top fuel injectors
Walboro 255 fuelpump
Apr bolts
lunati .040 over forged pistons
Trickflow .040 mls head gasket
Ceramic jet coating on headers
2.5 inch custom exhaust header
turbo LSD rearend

Rearmount Turbo
Sts kit
Turbo specs: 68-1 a/r t4 garrett turbo
Tial Wastegate 10 psi spring
Greddy Bov

T56 out of 1995 camaro
stage 4 clutch (it chatters a bit)

Stock working guages except speedometer
SPA design Boost/Fuel pressure guage ($450.00)
Upgraded stereo with Pioneer headunit and single sub (sounds great)

adjustable springs with tokiko adjustable shocks

Turbo brakes + SS lines

double staggered 18/19s

Very conservative tune at 10 psi approximately 500whp

some surface rust on front passenger side fender and around sunroof
No Ac, originally an AC car
For working ac you need a bracket for ac compressor and custom lines built

tune could use some refining for idle + its held up great for 5 plus years no issues

txt or call 214.846.71fourfour
Listing for 8k $5900.

Vehicle startup and walkthrough:

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  1. Man thats absolutely brutal. One thing I'd change is the silicone elbow going into the throttle body. I think I've seen some LT1 kits that have a hard plastic elbow there.

  2. The charge pipe being the lowest point of the car spooks me. It's really cool seeing the wastegate from outside the car, though.

    1. Correct, hence I have not lowered the car. I have driven over past 5 years no issues. Runs like a champ

  3. What a monster! Sadly nothing like this could be in CA legally.

    1. prob not. Though in texas after 25 year rule. Only requires safety inspection.

  4. Having owned a tempermental 13B REW I like this... a lot. But then I struggle with the question of why not just buy an actual corvette?

    1. Rx7 Frames/chassis is actually stiffer in torsional rigidity than C4 'Vette especially after some basic stitch welding.. that's my reason at least...

  5. Wow, this looks like a fantastic deal. A lot of car for the money!

  6. Dang, bet this one hauls the mail. Not too keen about where the turbo and associated piping is located, but talk about a S L E E P E R

  7. Cold Start:

    Car needs new tires and oil change....5900.00 amazing Deal!!


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