Thursday, May 17, 2018

Ratish: 1991 Mazda Miata Track Car

It's been said that the Miata is responsible for saving the SCCA among its other achievements in being The Answer To Everything.  I don't know if that is true, but it is a good way to dip your toe into the world of Track Days for not a lot of shekels.  And there are usually at least one or two Miata track rats for sale On Any Sunday in your local craiglist.   Find this 1991 Mazda Miata Track Car for sale in Duval, WA for $6,000 via craigslist.

The miles may be high on it, but for $6K, there are a lot of goodies in the deal.  Here's the sellers ad:

Breaking up is hard to do. Not even sure I'm ready or willing. But... money talks.

$6000 firm. Period. Not a dime less. If you want to negotiate, pretend I listed it for more.

This is a fairly well sorted track car. You could daily it but I wouldn't.

1991 LNC 1.6. 212k miles and change. May increase slightly if I take it out to play.
Major components include:
Factory hardtop
Racing Beat header
Racing Beat exhaust (no name test pipe)
Racing Beat intake
AWR motor mounts
Garage Star delrin diff mounts
Type I Torsen from 95
Fidanza light flywheel with new friction surface
ACT clutch
Fresh oil change (T6 since I've owned it), Amsoil GL4 in tranny, and Severe Gear in diff (first drive in a few months was last weekend)
Koni yellow with Ground Control sleeves (550/350 rates)
Konig 15x8 wheels (originally white and spray bombed bronze) with 225/45 Hankook RS3 (lots of life left - 3 track days and a couple of wet autocross sessions)
Racing Beat sway bars, brace blocks, and 949 end links in front
1.8 brake upgrade with Cobalt XR3/5 pads
Garage Star fender braces
Garage Star frame rails
Brainstorm Performance roll bar with SFI padding
PCI seat mount and Sonic Motors seat with OMP 6 point harness
Momo steering wheel and NRG quick release
DDM works 3 gauge stereo kit
AC removed
Depowered steering rack (FM method, pinion not yet welded)
Pretty red tow hooks

Other randomness:
Timing belt and water pump less than 5,000 miles ago
Fresh NGK plugs and wires
eBay angled shift extension
Trunk release added (didn't come on all 91's)
The worst racing stripes ever ever
eBay GV lip
Cut rear bumper
Dual duty alignment from Omni in Kirkland
Brand new windshield wipers
Aftermarket headlights (can't remember brand - no more sealed beam!)
Vintage armrest with 20 years of funk
Folder full of details and receipts from P.O. and random records from me
Brand new battery

Parts for negotiating (sitting in the garage not installed):
Megasquirt 1 - the OG!
LC1 wideband and gauge
Energy Suspension full poly kit
Kirkey aluminum seat
Vintage 3" OMP 5 point harness (red)
Rev Limiter gauges
Box of random parts and spares

NOTHING will be sold separate from the car. Zip, zero, nada. Don't ask. If it doesn't sell I'll keep playing with it. Especially not the hardtop a[BLEEP]e. Don't beg. I don't care.

The racing seat is bolted in place so if you can't reach the pedals I'll take you for a ride. Happy to swap in the stock seat for anyone with $$$$.

I'm sure I forgot some s[BLEEP]t. Plan is to sell this to fund fun parts for a basic NB build. Maybe. Or to retire from wrenching. I don't know. Decisions are hard.

Oh... and I haven't washed the car in like 3 years. I may clean it up a bit but I like the patina. You're welcome.

5/14/18 update: Put a new battery in it and ran the Evergreen Autocross on 5/13. Finished about 5 seconds off the TTOD. Results here:

See a better way to HPDE? email us here:

Gianni is Daily Turismo's Pacific Northwest correspondent and Miata zealot.


  1. That's a lot of fun for the dollar.

  2. Decent price, BUT what class would this be for SCCA or NASA? If you are selling a track car but not including class details my guess is it isn't really a track car. Take the 10 minutes download a classification form and fill it out then include it with the ad. The ebay lip is a big sign that the car is not serious about racing, those cost points and offer no advantage. Plus who talks about being 5 seconds off fastest time on a minute course?

    Sorry this ad just pisses me off because it makes no sense to me to try to sell a dog as a pony.

  3. Hope this a(bleep)e sells his car to some d(bleep)s.


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