Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Powerglider: 1966 Chevrolet Impala Coupe

The 4th generation Chevrolet Impala was a full-sized body-on-frame sedan from General Motors that was available with multiple configurations (2-door coupe, 2-door hardtop, 2-door convertible, 4-door hardtop, 4-door sedan, 4-door wagon) and many engines (inline six, small block and big block V8).  When introduced in 1965 it set an all time sales record for any vehicle with over 1 million units sold in one year, a record that hasn't been beaten to this day (and probably won't be given the small-sliced segments sold currently...except if Ford ever really implements their insane idea of only selling two cars in the US Market). The '65 was the last year of the iconic small triple rear round taillights, but the redesigned rear end for '66 actually looks better. Find this 1966 Chevrolet Impala Coupe offered for $12,500 in Ft Myers, FL via craigslist. Tip from Dascpcu.

From the seller:







See a better way to drive a classic 'Murican car?


  1. Great memories of a buddy's mom's '66 Chevy (not sure about the trim level, but pretty plain-Jane, certainly not an Impala like this one) 6 cyl 2-spd automatic. We borrowed that car to get to our first Formula 1 race, the Canadian Grand Prix at Mosport in 1973. Beautiful Canadian Fall morning. On the crappy AM radio on the way to the track, we heard that the singer Jim Croce had been killed in a plane crash. Being 18 year-olds, barely out of high school, we never planned ahead for details like accommodation. So we spent three awful nights sleeping in the Chevy in the track infield, while the parties roared around us. Heading home on Sunday might after the race, the Chevy started using oil, badly. Back in those days in Ontario, stores were close on Sundays, and even gas stations were spotty. We stopped more than once to beg a quart of oil (ANY oil) from farms or any other property that looked promising. We made it home around 3 a.m. The memories have lasted a lifetime.

  2. Ah, but alas, let's not forget poor brother Biscayne with a mere two taillights.
    Is he included in that number?


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