Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Hertz Rent-A-Racer: 1985 Ford Mustang SVO

Many years ago Carroll Shelby partnered with Hertz Rent-A-Car to provide Shelby Mustangs for the rental market.  The cars were returned to Shelby and he sold them to the public for cheap because nobody wanted an ex-rental car.  Today, the Hertz GT350H is a high dollar collectible sought after by Shelby fans and command six figure prices from sites like luckily for cheapskates like you and me, there is a cheaper way to get into a Herztang.  Find this 1985 Ford Mustang SVO here on eBay offered for $24,990 or best offer, located in Rockville, MD. Tip from Zach Z.

From the seller:
 Vehicle Description
1985 MUSTANG HERTZ RENT-A-Racer • 1 of 60 Mustang SVO's Purchased by Hertz • 1 of only 10 Dark Sage Green Mustang Produced in '85 • 1 of only 4 Dark Sage Rent-A-Racer's still in existence • Unbelievable, all original, time capsule and only 67,648 original miles (driven 2000 miles a year!!) • Ford EFI 2.3Liter Turbocharged 4-cyl @ 175HP • Original 5-speed, close-ratio, manual transmission • Original HD, Traction-LOK Rear differential • Mirror factory "4E" Dark Sage Green paint professionally show waxed & detailed • Functional Hood Scoop for Air-to-Air Intercooler • Great looking Graphite Grey bucket seat interior with full factory console and shifter • Full factory gauges including 8K RPM Tach • Factory wrap steering wheel w/ tilt column • Ice-cold factory Air-Conditioning A/C • Original AM/FM/Cassette Stereo from Dolby system • Loaded w/ options including power windows, power locks, power mirrors, & leather trimmed Hurst shifter • Rack + Pinion Power Steering & Power Disc Brakes • Original 16" wheels w/ High-Speed Radials • Loaded with docs including Elite Marti Report and copy of the Original Window Sticker too! • Show or drive this ultra-Rare Hertz Rent-A-Racer All wholesale priced vehicles, like this one, do not qualify for our free extended warranty but can still be purchased at our wholesale cost.

See a better car in green?

1 comment:

  1. I've always loved the SVO. I almost bought one but sadly couldn't come up with the cash back then(about 8k if I recall correctly). It had the back wing sag pretty bad too.


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