Wednesday, May 9, 2018

E60 Blues:2006 BMW M5

Someone once told me that every Porsche 928 is a $25k car, its just that the $5k examples will cost you $20k in maintenance.  That might be true for those fancy-pants cars from Stuttgart, but what about a nice Bavarian family sedan? Will this M5 be the ultimate money eating machine? Or, as tipper Jeff S puts it: Is there such a thing as a cheap M5?  If so, how many arms and legs will it eventually cost you and your family? Find this E60 2006 BMW M5 offered for $12000 in Hagerstown, MD via craigslist.

From the seller:
$12,000 FIRM, Do you understand what this means?, Do not bother offering me any less, I won't respond. 

Here we have a 2006 M5 it has 98k miles. I have owned it since 2012. Within the last 5k Miles the car has had the high pressure vanos pump and throwout bearing replaced at a cost of almost $7000. If you buy any other 2006 this is a potential failure point. This car has the newer pump installed by a BMW dealer. The rod bearings were inspected at this time by sun motor cars in Pennsylvania and were in good condition. It is fully loaded with the comfort package, cooled seats, heads up display, etc. The sound system is currently not working. It does not get driven much and needs someone to enjoy it.It was recently repainted due to clear coat peel. Please don't low ball me, this is a give away price. I have put $11k into the car.

high pressure vanos pump replaced by dealer
SMG relays replaced as a precaution around 90k
SMG fluid changed
Redline trans fluid recently
Royal purple diff fluid recently
New throw out bearing
New slave cylinder
Clutch was done at 75k
Cree LED's installed in angel eyes
Carbon fiber M grills (not installed)
New headlight gaskets (not installed)

See a better way to drive a V10?


  1. I've got mixed thoughts about that transmission. No, and Hell No.

    It's not the worst transmission usability wise, but that car would have to come with an unlimited warranty at that price for it to be a good deal. I wouldn't pick an SMG for any car unless it was made by Xtrac, Sadev or similar. Even then I'd rather have a regular dogbox.

    These are monstrously fun cars though, I want that engine in a z4 coupe.

  2. I can't remember what SMG stands for?
    Sometime Might Gerade
    Smoke More Grass
    Subordinate Manual Gearbox
    Sassy M Gearshifter


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