Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Dynamite Some Motors: 1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD

This next car comes from tipper Safety Fast who writes: Haven't had one of these on the site for a while.  That sounds like a challenge to me, Mr Fast, if that is indeed your real name.  I'll start posting so many DSM classics that you'll think this site should be called Daily Talonismo...but let's start with this 1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD offered for $6,450 in Chico, CA via craigslist.

 From the seller:

1991 Mitsubishi Eagle Talon Tsi AWD

These cars are difficult to come by, especially one that only has 79,500 original miles and hasn't been driven into the ground. Car hasn't been heavily modified or tuned.
Interior and exterior is all original except for the rims. All interior and exterior lights are fully functional.
Car features an upgraded fuel pump, aftermarket rims, aftermarket shocks and struts, recently replaced clutch, new battery, 3" custom turbo back exhaust and 225/50R-16 Zexius tires with less than 500 miles on them.

Car has stock turbo which pushes ~12lb of boost.

Car has recently been fully detailed - both interior & exterior.

I purchased the car a few years ago with the intent of replacing all non-functioning items, upgrading various components then turning into my weekend toy but never have had the time or resources. I was however able to replace all non-functioning items and make minor upgrades.

Car is a perfect candidate and is in perfect condition to be used as either a daily driver or a full blown track car.

Asking $6450 OBO

Engine specs can be found below:
Engine manufacturer: Mitsubishi Sirius-series 4G63
Engine type: spark-ignition 4-stroke
Fuel type: petrol (gasoline)
Fuel system: indirect injection
Charge system: turbocharger
Valves per cylinder: 4
Additional features: Multi-point fuel injection; TC05-14B turbo; intercooler DOHC
Emission control: 3-way catalyst, Lambda-Sensor

See a better way to drive an American car that is really a Japanese car?


  1. Posted 28 days ago in CL and still not sold? Red flag, big time. No car built in 1991 has only 79,500 miles, unless the odometer has been flipped over, or rolled back (red flag number two). Also, the price seems way too reasonable, and the photos look too perfect. Something fishy here.

    1. I take that back, re: price... according to NADA, the average retail price for it is $2,750 making this rather over priced for a niche car with few buyers.

  2. I could never pull off driving one but I think the Eclipse GSX is a wonderful design. The way the c pillar blends with rear 1/4 is awesome. I bet the awd and turbo is super fun
    [image src="" width="400px"/]

  3. I wanna know more about that bitchen looking wagon parked next to it. Looks life a Ford to me.

  4. I almost bought one of these back in the day as my first car. Probably better that I didn't since I'd either have thrashed the transmission or wrapped it around a tree.

  5. I had a 92 in burgundy with the black roof and later a 95 in black. Both were excellent cars. No Evo's or WRX's in the states so it was this or a 323GTX, Celica All trac etc etc which were much more rare. Something that stuck with me on these mitsubishis was the brake, they're about as good as it gets in my experience. The degree to which you are braking is changed by pressure not travel. At freeway speed the power delivery was unique and delicious. It just feels more visceral like you were going faster than you actually were. I love the amber gauges in these also, easy on the eyes and a nice change from the greens and blues of most other cars from this era. Mine were quite reliable but I believe most of these were destroyed or crashed by self taught tuners in the 90's. The second gen cars had crank walk thrust bearing issues so you would see some of them with imported first gen engines. Wost part about the second gen car was the laughable Chrysler interior/body parts. The door handles would regularly snap off in your hand. Overall they were a fun experience.


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