Sunday, May 13, 2018

Don't Call Me Marquis- 2004 Mercury Marauder

The Chevy Caprice SS made quite a statement when it was introduced in 1994.  It was a old school muscle sedan for the 90's that got rid of lot of the chrome styling, fitted steamroller 17" tires, and had a proper V8 drivetrain.  Why I am writing about the Caprice you may ask?  Ford decided to answer the car seven years after the Caprice left the streets for 2003 Mercury Marauder.  The Marauder was a luke warm effort that could get beat at the stop light Grand Prix by a same year Accord V6.  However, there are too many engine mods to count to right that wrong. It seems half of these models you see for sale have been supercharged.  Find this stock 2004 Mercury Marauder for sale in Granby, CT for $3,000 via craigslist.

From the seller:

I bought this car last year with the intention of doing a manual trans swap. Then I realized that I don't need three vehicles to drive.

It's pretty clean for a 14 year old car that spent its life in New England. Frame is very very clean. Rockers are good and so on. Currently it needs a bumper cover, header panel repainted, valve cover gasket (I'll include the gaskets with sale.), tail pipes rewelded on(PO had the resonators cut out and the shops welds for the tips broke.) The car is one owner and was maintained by ford dealerships. Interior is absolutely prestine. Runs and drives fine, aside from the leaking valve cover.

Aside from the horrible and crooked pictures the seller took, this seems to be a great car for the dough.  The few needs that it has can be taken care of relatively easily and do not require huge mechanical skill.

See a better body on frame car from the 2000's? email

Cory is working on finishing up the suspension swap on his 99 Mercedes E300 from last weekend.


  1. ALL Marauders had superchargers.

  2. Despite what wikipedia says, this is not the case. What made them hotter than your standard 4.6 Panther platform car was the DOHC 32v V8.

    The source in the wikipedia page uses a Jalopnik article that specifies one (single) drop top Marauder 2dr concept that was blown.

    Some dealers would offer blowers, and more than a few tuners (Kenne Bell comes to mind) offered kits for them as well... but when they were new, they were normally aspirated.

    1. Yep> Like 302hp DOHC (Mustang) vs 250hp tops for latest P71.

  3. Having owned and enjoyed a P71 Vic of the same era this is really appealing. Of course countless mods remedy the Accord pulling away from your at the light.


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