Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Crown Vicster: 1999 Ford Crown Victoria

The Crown Victoria was the prefered Police car for decades because it was rugged and perfect for stakeouts, traffic patrol, chasing bad guys, and hauling perps...but this next example will be good for exactly ZERO of those things because it is now a 2-door convertible.  Find this 1999 Ford Crown Victoria offered for an undisclosed pile of cash located in Toledo, OH via Kruznkleen.com.  Tip from Roni.

From the seller:

1999 Ford Crown Victoria LX Vehicle Description
Have you ever seen a Two Door Ford Crown Vic? Will here you go, runs great, looks good, no smoke, Great for any occasions.

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  1. no mention or indication of installed or functioning convertible roof. could be a sunny day only car.

  2. I wonder how he did those doors?

  3. Great for any occasions except for cold, snow, rain, etc. It has no roof. Surprising, I know. https://autowise.com/ford-crown-vic-one-of-a-kind-two-door-convertible/

    1. https://bringatrailer.com/2015/12/19/cops-on-vacation-custom-1999-ford-crown-victoria-convertible/

  4. Cops is filmed on location in Key West with the men and women of law enforcement.
    All suspects are innocent until proven FIERCE in a court of law.
    All detainees will be subject to a strip search and a free pina colada.

  5. I love how they left the door lock pins in the rear doors and just removed the door release levers. Looks like they just cut it; welded it; painted it and called it a day. Looks kind of like a King Kong Mustang

  6. When I was in CalArts ( a little art school north of LA ) I had a Chevelle convertible that I NEVER put the top up on and it worked out just fine. When I parked it in LA all sorts of strange things would turn up in the back seat. A couple of electric guitars, once a teenage girl asleep outside a club, and for about a week a homeless guy. He "guarded" the car at night and bought me coffee from the coffee cart in the morning!

    So, no top no problem!

    The Crown Vic has body on frame construction and would be really easy to cut the top off of with a little extra steel welded to the frame, just like stretching a Lincoln Town Car. I would have left it a four door myself.

    1. The irony of the homeless buying the starving student coffee makes me giggle a little.

  7. Is it just me or does this look like an inflated SN95 Mustang vert, proportionally? Except for the trunk length, it kind of gives that impression. I don't hate the 3-bar grille treatment either.

  8. Someone needs to do this to a Mercury Marauder.

  9. I dig it-- a couple of decades ago, there was someone living down the hill from my folks who would get some old beater each spring and after a couple of weeks its roof would be sawn off and the car used until about... October, when it would disappear, to be replaced next spring with another decapitated beater.

    Someday I gotta do this.


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