Friday, May 4, 2018

Chevy V8 Engine: 1974 Triumph Spitfire

This next car comes from tipper Rock On who writes: This has to have one hell of a power to weight ratio!!!  Yeah, it also comes with a giant hole in the hood, which is good or bad depending on your particular feeling about hood "speed" holes.  Find this 1974 Triumph Spitfire offered for $11,900 in La Jolla, CA via craigslist.

From the seller:
 1974 Spitfire with Chevy 350 small block engine, 350 turbo transmission, and 9 inch Ford rear end!

70,000 miles on body, low miles on engine

Around 1970 or so 010 casting # 350 with a t-350 automatic with a 9 inch rear end "spooled". It has coil over 4-point rear link. 4 wheel disk brakes. The entire back half of the car has a frame welded in to handle the torque of the engine. New headers and new water pump.

Interior is in decent condition. It does not have a top. It needs a wiper motor. There is a small oil leak off the rear engine seal.

Car starts and runs great. However, it is running rich. Currently has a Demon race carbonator on it. I will include a Demon street carb which likely needs to be re-jetted.

See a better way to drive a V8?


  1. That hole. Looks like a quadruple toro cigar burn. Or an interdimensional exhaust portal. Or a trepanning scar. Or a giant hole punch. Or where Baron Harkonnen removed the heart plug. One of those.

  2. A few snarky comments
    The CFM of the air filter is not enough
    There are other alternatives that cutting holes in hoods
    A spooled rear end is basically only good for drag racing.
    Cool little build though, has to be fast
    I think a Wiper motor is over kill, aren't those like 8.4 liter? I think the SBC is fine.

    1. Re: the spool

      I think this car is probably the epitome of "point and shoot" not to disagree that it's probably as fun as the proverbial barrel of monkeys and about as controllable.

      On the other hand ( or foot , you know, monkeys ) Mark Donohue swore by spool rear ends, and I'm sure that there is enough grunt here to break the rear end loose and steer with the throttle. Maybe it all makes sense.

    2. I did not know about Mark Donohue and the spools, thats cool!

      I think the automatic would make the ol' slip and slide around the corners really interesting.

    3. I'm laughing at the wiper motor vs. sbc comment. Subtle, but hilarious.

    4. Lol wiper good one Sean. Keep in mind the sbc is said to be carbonated apparently via the Demon race carbonator...

  3. I'd keep it running rich, add side pipes, rev the nuts off it and on the overrun, it would then literally be a Spitfire.

  4. Carbonater? Is that a typo or just insanely clever?


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