Thursday, May 10, 2018

Cheap Classic: 1988 BMW 535is E28

If you liked the concept of the slammed Bimmerfied Benz posted the other day but hated the execution, then you might want to find the BMW engine located in its proper in an E28 5-series.  Find this 1988 BMW 535is E28 offered for $3500 in Brooklyn, NY via craigslist. Tip from Rod S.

From the seller:
 For your consideration is a true-blue 535is factory 5-speed. The "is" is considered the next best thing to the M5, and was an option package for the 535i that included aero bits, sports seats, LSD, and more. This particular example of Bavarian engineering prowess is the last model year for the highly revered e28 chassis.

We drive it all over the Northeast, it runs great and gets a lot of attention wherever it goes. A very fun and classic car.

Getrag G260 5-speed row your own 
Limited Slip Differential
"is" front air dam with working fogs
"is" rear deck lid spoiler
"is" sports seats
"is" sports steering wheel
Rare Llama interior
Original windshield
New tires
New radiator
New battery
Uprated e34 starter
New spark plugs
Fresh oil change
All lights, moonroof, windows, power locks, seats working great.
On the road - registered, inspected and daily driven.

The BAD:
Not a show car.
Odometer stopped, TMU.
Needs a front end refresh (ball joints), parts included with sale.
Has rust, mainly out of sight. I can point it out in person.
Could use a good tune up.
Interior is 30 years old.
Stereo unit is kinda old I guess.

Busy busy life is prompting the sale. This is a great car for the true of heart, whether you're an enthusiast looking for a project or just want a classic driver that turns heads. Asking $3500.

See a better way to drive a German sedan?


  1. "Has rust, mainly out of sight." But not entirely.

    Not a bad price though, as long as the rust isn't actually all that bad. Bring safety glasses, and poke around underneath it. Those wheels are off an e12, they're old and 14", but that's ok if you're into that. I'm not sure what he means when he says it could use a tune up, there's not much tinkering you can do on one of these engines that doesn't involve replacing parts, besides doing a valve adjustment. Odometer is an easy fix, the gears are stripped.

  2. Heh, I know that spot,-73.9597683,3a,75y,298.37h,71.24t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sVIRcSQR8py0cyh-uhRowsA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192


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