Friday, May 25, 2018

Blue Friday: 1977 Volkswagen Scirocco

This next car comes as a tip from Carter S who writes: Why don’t these get as much love as they should? What am I missing?  We here at DT are fans of the early Sciroccos so we are going to feature this one with two thumbs up, but the most amazing part is that it's in Maine and appears to be relatively rust free.  The body looks really clean, and that blue was very difficult to come by when new.  Find this 1977 Volkswagen Scirocco offered for $5000 in Auburn, ME via craigslist.

From the seller:

1977 Volkswagen scirocco 
fuel: gas 
title status: clean 
transmission: manual 
I have a 1977 scirocco approximately 70k
1.6ltr 4 speed asking $ 5,000 firm .not looking to trade for anything , have help selling or anybody to chit chat with serious inquiries only . 

See a better way to go scirocking?


  1. I definitely like Sciroccos - they're just getting pretty rare.

  2. Maine is ME, not MN. And that car can't have spent it's entire life in Maine, unless the guy only drove it in the 3 months of not-winter they have up there.

  3. My first ride, passed down to me in '86. Many miles-o-fun were had. Chics dig parking brake slides. B)

  4. Parking brake slides, J-turns, totally flickable little cars. I've owned a couple of the Mk1s and have many fond memories of them. Could take the rear parcel shelf out and the back seat backrest came out in about 20 seconds when you needed to haul tall stuff.


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