Saturday, April 21, 2018

Mustang In A Tux: 1988 Lincoln Mark VII

This next car is a late model Lincoln wearing 2005-ish Ford Mustang wheels, which is great but the seller REALLY should have taken 32 seconds to remove the giant spatter of bird doo before taking pictures for the advert. Find this 1988 Lincoln Mark VII offered for $1800 near Atlanta, GA via craigslist. Tip (and title) from Matt C.

From the seller:
1988 Mark VII 5.0 HO Runs and drives good. I am the 3rd owner. Air ride has been replaced with spring conversion. New battery. Asking 1800 or 1500 with LSC wheels and tires

See a better way to drive a Markstang?


  1. I somehow read "giant spoiler" and spent a few seconds trying to find it in the pictures. I guess when I see cheap performance-ish cars I always assume lack of taste.

    No matter though, this is a cheap way to have lots of giggles while looking very sinister.

  2. I have always thought these cars would do well with a Coyote Aluminator screaming under the hood. It would be like a coyote with a three day beard in a tux. Well maybe not.

  3. Anyone else watch the mediocre netflix show "fastest car"?
    Besides the kid who learned how to launch control on youtube the morning of the race, there was a really cool
    1989 Ford Thunderbird. I think there are some cool alternatives to the Mustang. Just today I googled - Merkur Xr4ti with v8


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