Thursday, April 26, 2018

More Kompressor- 1999 Mercedes SLK230 Renntech

Hartmut Feyl is not exactly a household name, but he was largely responsible for creating the iconic tuner 80's icon the AMG Hammer.  In 1989, Feyl founded his own tuner shop Renntech in south Florida. The company is one of the preeminent Mercedes tuning shops and does everything from engine internals, suspension, body kits, and ecu tuning.  Today's car is not a commonly modified vehicle, but has some very extensive and expensive Renntech magic done to it.  The first generation R170 Convertibles suffered from a bit of reputation as a hair dressers car, but this pumped up version may change your opinion.  Find this 1999 Mercedes SLK230 for sale in Mount Kisco, NY for $8,995 via craigslist.

Here are the thin details by the seller:

Car has 53 K miles - Over $20,000 spent at Renntech when car was new - I can send pics of receipt - Mint condition.- Supercharged - 6 speed

The car is actually a 5 speed and not a 6 speed.  You can tell by the shift knob as it is the same as all the other 1999-2000 SLK 5 speeds.  These were the last 5 speed manual offered by Mercedes before they switched over to the 6 speed manuals.  The two tone red interior might not be for everyone's tastes as it is a bit bold.

The one thing that was good about the listing was the invoice from Renntech which showed some eye watering money spent on the modifications.  Some highlights include:

  • 2.5 stroker conversion good for 250 hp & 287 tq- $14,950
  • Limited Slip differential for $2950
  • Alcon 13" front and 12" rear brakes with stainless lines- $8,000 total
  • Custom suspension with adjustable Koni shocks- $1260
  • 18" BBS RC lightweight wheels with Pirelli tires- $3750
  • Custom body kit & paint- $4800

See a tuner four cylinder Mercedes ragtop? email

Cory just broomed the EP3 Civic Si and now using a 99 E300 turbodiesel with E55 suspension, brakes, and wheels for a daily driver.


  1. At this price point, coupled with the low miles to boot, it's a more unique weekend drop top option. Reputation or not, the chances of you seeing another one on the road are practically none... although the Renntech badge will go over most people's heads. Ultimately, I think it's a cool car for someone who wants a zippy ride for nice weather... and the hard top convertible is a plus, especially considering it's age.

  2. Ok...get ready to throw tomatoes. I've NEVER liked this model. Then there's the ridiculous interior in this particular car. Renntech should have gutted those seats!! It seems that if one wants the mechanicals and basic chassis and convertible, one could buy a 2005 Chrysler Crossfire convertible with the 3.2 6 cyl with just a few less ponies (215 or so?) for essentially the same money. Newer car, just as rare, same chassis (isn't it) and less finicky engine bits. Granted, there will be no points for driving Pentastar, although MB spent a ton of money trying to make the same car with a more 'Mericun suit.
    I will go away now...

    1. I hear ya on the interior. Even Maserati's can sometimes have a hard time pulling off this much red. It would be easier to roll with if the exterior color were different - doesn't mesh will with the silver IMO. If was black or white, then maybe........

  3. This SLK is worth more in parts than whole. The m111 engine has been swapped into a 190E many times and this one even more so. The wheels are very light, rare, and desirable. You hardly ever seen real LSD diffs in Mercs. Then there is the huge Alcon brake set up!


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