Monday, April 9, 2018

Mercedes Diesel Power: 1986 Ford Ranger XLT

Remember that Toyota 22R powered Mercedes-Benz 240D that we posted the other day...that was a strange car...really weird, but I think we've discovered where the engine from the Merc ended up...but for the universe not to end in a divide by zero error, there has to be a Toyota pickup with a Ford engine for sale...anyways find this 1986 Ford Ranger XLT offered for $2500 in Hadley, MA via craigslist.  From Cory.

From the seller:
Square body 4x4 Ford Ranger with a Mercedes OM617 turbo diesel engine swapped into it. The truck has a 5 speed manual transmission, manual locking hubs, and electrically shifted transfer case. The adapters were custom made by a local machinist. I've put a ton of money into this thing (I have all the receipts) and it's almost ready to be started but I don't have the time anymore. To get it running, all that has to be done is attach the oil cooler to the engine before it can run. The cab is rusty but the frame is near flawless and still has paint on most of it. I'm sure I'm forgetting some of the thing's I've bought for it but here goes:
New front wheel bearings
New front rotors
New front lower shock mounts
New shocks
New sway bar bushings
New oil pan gasket 
New running lights and blinkers
New brake lights
New fuel lines
New fuel filters
Custom power steering line
New braided stainless oil cooler lines with AN fittings
New turbo oil drain line with new fittings
New manifold gasket 
New turbo gasket
New intake manifold O-rings
Mandrel bent 3 inch exhaust and hangers
Header wrap
Dakota Digital tach sensor and interface
New clutch
New pressure plate + a spare
New throw out bearing + a spare
New Pilot bearing + a spare
Custom motor mounts
All the fluids have been topped off
New fuel tank
New oil pressure gauge
New coolant temp gauge
New boost gauge
New radiator
K&N air filter

I'm probably forgetting some things but those are the big ones.

To make it street legal you need a bed (I was going to run it as a flat bed), you need to mount the brake lights, install the rear driveshaft, finish the wiring so the windows go up and down, mount the boost/temp/oil pressure gauge panel, possibly notch the oil pan for clearance or lift the truck, finish welding the exhaust, wire in the alternator.

See a better way to drive a diesel?


  1. Got 99 problems but a engine ain't one.

    1. You know your position is weak when one of your ad pictures is of someone hauling your ride around on a lowboy.

  2. "No doubt the Universe is unfolding as it should...." - Desiderata

    Ford V-8 powered Toyota pickup in action

  3. If I could just find that 11 mm bolt I'd have it running.....

  4. My Buddy ordered a new Ranger i called it Danger to piss him off !

  5. I bought this thing... paid considerably less than the listed price but the it is a total re-do. Header wrap... sure... secured with plastic zip-ties. Also, all the wiring in one color is not ideal.
    With that being said it has been an entertaining, and time consuming, puzzle.


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