Friday, April 27, 2018

Luftgekühlt 5: Porsches At Ganahl Lumber April 2018

DT E-i-C Vince: Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend Luftgekühlt 5 at Ganahl Lumber in Torrance, CA...and let me tell was Porschtastic.  If you don't like aircooled P-cars you might not be excited, but warm up your corn popper and enjoy this DT video.

 Just a few photos if you don't like pizza or videos.


  1. Hats off to your Dad for the soundtrack!! Can't watch this without getting emotional for having let go of my '72 911 wayyyy back in 1986.

  2. It's painful for me to look at air cooled 911s for the same reason I don't watch the Victoria Secret runway show.
    Do the math.....
    Thanks for the coverage. Looks like a killer event.

  3. That lumber yard video gave me wood.

  4. great subject and beautiful cars, never had an air-cooled but love my 924S, George in the great white north, Toronto


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