Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Family Style: 1994 Chevrolet Corvette Stretch Limousine

I have a small family. Well...not so small...5 of us in total if you include the wife, which means that we fill any common sedan very quickly -- which leaves limited space for friends, pets, grandparents, hitchhikers, clowns, etc.  Full sized vans are cool, minivans are uncool...but I've always thought that a limo might be the right answer.  Think about it -- take the kids to school, and they can --legally-- mix you a gin & tonic in the back seat for your post school drop-off nap.  But the best part is that I would never have to listen to another "ouch, he is touching my leg" or "but it's my toy" or "the clown is biting my leg" again in my life because that bulletproof divider glass would be PERMANENTLY in the up & locked position.  Find this 1994 Chevrolet Corvette limo offered for $14000 in Mesa, AZ via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:
 White Corvette Limo with Black Interior. 4 Bucket Seats in the back. See pictures. Located in Mesa, AZ.
I have owned it for 14 years.
I need no help selling this car.

See a better people carrier for cheap?


  1. This car made my day! Beautifully demented. Thanks DT. I wonder what the driveshaft looks like?

  2. Pass, it is automatic. Otherwise it would have been perfect for autocross.

  3. The perfect car for drifting races. If you get up front, there's no way anybody can pass you on a curve.

  4. A family of five could live in the driveshaft tunnel.....the average drunken fan would break his leg stepping over that bad boy.....I'd like to see pix of the build...who's missing a Lincoln Continental mid section?

    1. not just a driveshaft tunnel - got to be an entire mini suspension bridge stuffed in there

  5. I feel that you guys are stretching this story. You can't depend on a child to mix a proper drink. Get them to pour you a bourbon neat!

    1. My grandfather always told me to not burn it when we'd pour him a G&T.

  6. This could turn into a python-esq game of overstretched ramblings....

    I’d rather live in a lake

  7. Stepping over C4 sills to get into a limo must be a weird experience. Used to own a normal C4, and while it was a comfortable enough car once you were in, it wasn't the easiest car to get into, at least not with the targa roof in place.


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