Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Exponential: 1995 Mitsubishi Expo 4G63 Turbo Swap

The Mitsubishi Expo was a little crapbox mini-mini-van that doesn't excite many people except for maybe pug owners or die-hard junk lovers.  Driving one would be fun for a while, at least until your friends find out and then you could sell give it to the next person...BUT this next example is pushing 320 horsepower into the front wheels.  Yeah.  ExpoNENTIAL!  Find this 1995 Mitsubishi Expo 4G63 Turbo Swap offered for $4800 in Ft Myers, FL via craigslist.  Tip from Serge.

From the seller:

Putting up my expo for sale. Dont use it that much with having other cars. This van runs and drives great. Puts a smile on anyones face who rides in it. Been swapped for last 13 years. 6 bolt 4g63 out of a vr4. Engine got rebuilt two years ago and still running great. Dyno tuned very conservatively at 320whp on e85. Turbo was rebuilt and upgraded the wheel last year. (18g)

Has a real nice sound system with two 12s dual amps and speakers all around. 3 row seating inside. Manual transmission. I swapped the front end to a 94 front end as i like it more but do have the old front end for anyone who wants the 95 front on there

Pretty good condition for its age. No real rust, everything inside works even a/c. Would trust it to go anywhere. No oil or coolant leaks. Very quiet sleeper van. Has a tow hitch as well incase you want to tow a jetski. Willing to entertain trades and can also aid with shipping if need be.

It is FWD but can be converted to AWD.


See a better way to drive an Expo?


  1. Boy, the builder showed remarkable restraint. A true sleeper. Not even a set of wheels..... Nice! And I like that it has had many years on the swap. Probably well sorted.

    1. I love the restraint the seller showed with the asking price.

  2. Dang! Wrong coast, but this is properly awesome. Would love to see a video of it in action.

  3. What is that aluminum tube next to the boost gauge?

    1. Hahahah classic.

      Shift light. Just incase you forget to shift at 8,000rpm

    2. Thank you both for funny and informative replies, respectively. :)

  4. Beautiful sleeper! If it was 4 wheel drive and I didn't move to Sweden I'd be all over this.

  5. The tuning potential of e85 is intriguing, but what if you need to actually drive more than a hundred miles away from an e85 station?

    Do people have a way to switch the boost and spark map on a setup like this? A spare chip for cross country trips? Or is this like driving a gmc 6-71 blown 110 octane race gas hemi Belvedere disguised as a soccer mom transport unit?


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