Thursday, April 19, 2018

European Style: 1972 Lancia Fulvia

Nicely preserved European classics have gotten ridiculously expensive in the past few years -- forget getting a Porsche 911 for anything less than a hipster's ransom, and even the lowly BMW 2002Tii demands some serious scratch.  What's a guy (or gal) to do?  You gotta dig deep and find something that isn't on the top of everyone's "want" list, but still looks/drives/is awesome.  Like this 1972 Lancia Fulvia offered for $22900 in Miami, FL via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

From the seller:
Up for Sale is a really beautiful 1972 Lancia Fulvia 1.3S Coupe. Pretty rare car here in the US. A lot has been invested in this build, and is a blast to drive to the shows or keep has an investment. It's been in a private collection and is now for sale. Car is perfect for parades, car shows, or rent for photo shoots & movies.

The Lancia has various options such as power brakes, factory hood with induction vent, Radio, Heater, wood grain trim, disc brakes, and etc....The Lancia is powered by it's 1.3L DOHC V-4 engine matted to it's 5 speed transmission. Car moves pretty quick!

Check my video out: 

Clean FL Title!

The Lancia Fulvia was an Italian car introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 1963 and produced until 1976. Fulvias are notable for their role in motorsport history, including winning the International Rally Championship in 1972. After testing it in 1967, Road & Track summed up the Fulvia as "a precision motorcar, an engineering tour de force." It is named after Via Fulvia, the Roman road leading from Tortona to Torino.

The interior is very nice with new all new cream upholstery through out. All the windows roll up and are very nice. The chrome throughout the interior is in excellent shape, including the little gauges. All the door jams are really nice...Wood grain steering wheel and wood grain trim makes this car very elegant. Check out all my pictures of the car including underneath, solid floor pans and rails. Very solid car.

This car is in excellent condition and very comfortable & fun to drive. You'd better get used to a crowd forming around you with this car wherever you go. The paint job shows extremely well with only minor imperfections visible upon close inspection. The Body is straight as an arrow. All doors are all aligned like they should. Miles are exempt. 

My garage is Feel free to come see the car in person.  

See a better way to spend $20G on a classic?


  1. I've never driven one or seen one in person, but Fulvias are some of the prettiest cars ever made.

  2. Always pretty, though a Lancia, at least in North America, is fairly far down the list of what I'd call a practical classic. Still, wouldn't kick it out of bed for eating crackers.

  3. gonna need some assistance from the seller to meet the letter of the motto at top of this page: the internet's best fun cars, cheap daily drivers, vintage classics and custom junk, on the road for less than $20k


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