Sunday, April 15, 2018

Checks All The Boxes- 1991 Volvo 240 5.0 Wagon

Many a V8 swapped Volvo bricks have graced these pages, but few have all the qualities to make a truly primo driver.  This is not to say that a car with an automatic or a sedan is a bad car by any means.  Most would agree that the top of the food chain for these swapped cars is a manual trans equipped wagon.  If you were to nitpick anything with today's wagon, it only has the Vanilla Ice era 5.0 Mustang engine which is not as powerful as a modern GM LS and it is painted a pedestrian silver instead of say poop brown.  Find this 1991 Volvo 240 wagon for sale in Ephrata, PA for $8,000 via craigslist.

From the seller:

1991 Volvo 240 Wagon

This is a very clean swap that runs and drives great. It has been very fun to build and own but it's time for it to move on. 

Drivetrain: Ford 5.0L V8 from a 93 Mustang LX 70k miles on the engine
T5 manual 5 speed transmission 
Custom engine mounts
Griffin radiator 
Shorty headers
Yoshifab drive shift adapter with ford drive shaft. 
Custom 3 inch exhaust

Suspension and wheels
Hayashi racing 505 wheels extremely rare wheels and they are in great shape considering there around 30 years old. These wheels were originally made for a Ferrari. 
Volvo overload springs cut
Bilstien touring shocks all around
Poly torque rod bushings 
262 drop front sway bar. 
Brand new rear tires
Power steering delete 

Body and interior 
Paint is decent for the age has some dents and scratches 
Interior is pretty good also the drivers seat is torn up but the rest of the seats are nice. 
New headlights and taillights 

This car is sorted out and ready to drive. Only issue is a couple of warning lights due to a cluster issue but doesn't effect its driving at all. And the heater core started leaking a few years ago and I bypassed it and never got around to fixing it. I only drive when it's nice out so it never bothered me. 

Car has been garage kept the last 5 years and has only a few small rust spots that haven't gotten any worse since I have owned it. Will come with fresh pa inspection and emissions. If your looking for a unique fun car that turns heads then this is for you. Car has 248k on the body but that's nothing for these Volvo's. No trades cash only. 

The 5.0 fender badges might be few bogey's to this build, but it is a easy fix.  The heater core would also be at the top of the list of things to address if you want to drive the car in any colder weather.  No interior pictures were provided to give an idea how much attention is needed to the seats.

See a better V8 Volvo wagon ? email

Cory was able to use the Porter Cable buffer on the fleet yesterday with the warm weather.


  1. Paul Newman: "It'll chew anybody's ass up to 95 mph"
    David Letterman: " You are a world famous Oscar winning actor why are you worrying about chewing anybody's ass up to 95 mph?"
    Paul Newman: " You want a puffer on yours?"
    Thats a well sorted car Nice Price.

  2. Let's see: broken heater, ripped seat, dings in paint, rust spots, warning lights that won't go out-- there are enough red flags to run a bullfight! But seriously, if the guy wants $8K, he should fix all that stuff, cos the era of mildly tuned, V-8 Volvos has passed him by, and only some old guy (someone who grew up with Paul Newman and David Letterman) would want this car... and a person that old would want a TOTALLY clean car with no work needed. As it is, this Volvo needs at least $3K of work... more, if you fix the rust and dents.

  3. This would still be subject to emission testing where I live, so those warning lights probably make this a no-go. The absence of a heater/defroster also means that there would be about four months a year that I could drive it. At $8K? Not for me.... but I do love the idea of a V-8 5-spd wagon!


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