Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What Am I? From A Frozen Northern Place

This next feature comes from Erik202 who writes:
I came across an ad, it's for a trailer but sitting on the trailer is a car I absolutely can't identify..... some type of Austin 1100/1300 cousin would be my best guess but the more i look at it the more i think that's probably wrong
Anyway I'm sure the Daily Turismo crowd will know

What do you think guys?  Who can tell Erik202 what manner of beast sits atop this 20 Foot Car Trailer offered for $2600 CAD via kijijijijijijijijijijijijikjijjijijijijijijijijijiji1jij11I.ca.

What is it? Comments below.


  1. I believe that is an Austin 1100 (aka the Austin America).

    Austin 1100 on Wiki

    Those were sold here in the Glorious Peoples' Republic of Canuckistan back in the 1970s. Basically they were a scaled up Mini.

    1. Hmmm, maybe I posted too quickly. That back end is wrong. My second guess was an Austin Maxi, but even that doesn't quite match (Maxi was a hatchback). More searching required.....

    2. Got it! It is an Austin 1800

      Austin 1800 on Wiki

    3. Affectionately known as "The Land Crab". It is all coming back to me now.... And yes, these were sold here in Canada.

      More than you ever wanted to know about Land Crabs

    4. Bobinott -- well done. the LANDCRAB it is. We need a badge for that.

  2. It's an Austin 1800 (ADO17) 1964-1975, commonly known as a 'Landcrab'.

  3. It's a Landcrab 1800 commonly known as an 'Austin.'

  4. Those pictures nailed the Bleak as well.

  5. There was also a Morris version.

  6. LND CRBs!!! I'll just leave this here...

    [image src="https://i.imgur.com/T1vD0Tn.png" width="400px"/]


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