Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Unlikely Manual: 2006 Honda Element

And the award for the car that is the least likely to have a manual gearbox...but is shockingly clutch pedal equipped is...this 2006 Honda Element offered for $6999 in SF Bay Area, CA via craigslist.

A close runner up for the coveted Unlikely Manual award is this 2014 Jeep Patriot offered for$9000 that is equipped with a gas saving 4-banger and 5-speed gearbox...it only lost out to the decade old Element because everybody expects American cars to be at least 20 years behind the curve.

Honorable mention goes to this 1997 Toyota Rav4 offered for $1800 which has a 5-speed gearbox and looks really good for its age...or at least the stock image from wikipedia looks really great.

See another car with a factory shift-it-yourself (SIY) gearbox where you'd least expect it? tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. I think quite a high percent of the early Elements were sticks. Just helped a family friend's son buy an 04 for his first car, and taught him how to drive it afterwards. I love seeing the next generation of drivers wanting to drive a manual---there's hope yet.

  2. The Element looks quite decent. Being all black, it hides those contrasting plastic body panels (or by 2006, had Honda abandoned that poor idea?). I always admired the packaging of these, and they seem to be long-lived.

    ...and they had quirky commercials

    1. And I forgot to add, the combo of the Accord 2.4l 4 cyl with a 5-speed is a winner in my book. I would drive this.

  3. When the Element first came out it was a very inexpensive vehicle. I remember that a big selling feature was the full rubber floor that you could hose out and clean. Many North of the boarder with sticks.

  4. The urban myth of Elements being able to be hosed out, is just that. Probably a great way to get your car totaled from insurance company as you toast some electronics and start your own black mold farm. Had one of the 03' AWD, 5spd orange ones. Great car for camping with tons of space inside, even managed to get my 250ttr Yamaha inside with the rear seats out. Great traction in rain or snow, and peppy vtec motor with a 5spd. Actually built a custom body lift for mine, and ran some grabber AT2 tires, along with a host of other mods for camping. As I started doing more things I shouldn't be with it (taking it beyond fire trails) the traction control with could not be turned off would work against you in certain conditions link going up natural steps with limited traction. Admitting obviously not what it was designed for. Sold it to a guy who drove it across country to his home in Minnesota.

    1. You probably want to look for something like this for off-road camping.

    2. Yeah, those 4wd ambulances are nice but the ghosts that come along with them not so much.:)Actually had a 98 supercharged, methanol injected frt&rr locked, and armored 4runner after the element. Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum (off road wise)

  5. I actually had a 2014 Patriot with the 5 speed. Like the above mentioned lifted Honda I definitely misused the wifey wagon Jeep. It was a tow vehicle when we were traveling in the motorhome so it saw adventure all over the country before hitting a deer in Washington state and finally totalled due the supplement claims

  6. My 2011 Scion XB is a 5-speed manual. W/ the 2.4 4-cylinder it's a fun car (at least fun enough for me). Not enough front wheel grip, and can chirp 'em going into 2nd..... You can find these manual XBs, cheap cheap cheap. Look for one that's been on a used car lot for 6+ months, and bargain the hell out of the sales guy. I got mine in Aug of 2016 (w/ 45K) for $8400. Initially listed for 10 grand....

    Bob's yer Uncle


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