Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Hero We Need: 1997 Kia Sportage

We all love a good surprise because surprise is a fantastic emotion...that's why surprise parties are more popular than anxiety parties.  Imagine my surprise when I'd discovered that somebody made a Kia Sportage into something cool...awesome...and just a bit exciting.  ANXIETY...I mean SURPRISE!!  Find this 1997 Kia Sportage 4X4 offered for $4000 in Petaluma, CA via craigslist.

From the seller:
Selling my 1997 Kia Sportage
everything works.
Clean title 
Pink slip in hand 
2018 July tags 
Ac/ heat 
Power mirrors 
Power locks 
All glass is good 
Defroster rear window 
154,000mi 4cyl on original motor 
2.0L DOHC 
Manual transmission 5 speed works great. Has 4-Hi and 4-low with upgraded new manual locking hubs
smog tested good 
Has full stock exhaust with new cat 

5" lift kit 
3 link rear suspension 
5 MT Tires 98% tread life
synthetic motor oil 10-30
Led headlight bulbs
Led Amber light for dust/fog light 
New roof cargo rack with four 7" Led round lights. 
New Roof Rack 30"x64"
Real working snorkel/ram air intake at highway speeds. 
Drop in K&N air filter. 
Starts right up and runs like a champ. 

No joy rides 
No tire kickers 
$4,000 obo text only please 
No email! 

Will Trade for running CA plated supermoto or truck

See a better way to make a Kia exciting?


  1. C'mon dude! Throw out the trash and clean the pooch marks off the windows before you take your sale pics!
    Buying a car from someone without the brains or energy to do that would induce anxiety.

  2. Lifting is the new lowering?

    I am seriously considering lifting my manual X5
    [image src="" width="400px"/]

  3. Surprise!
    [image src= width=400px/]

  4. Early Kia Sportages and Geo Trackers are two little SUVs that are a lot more competent starting points for a rock crawler than most people give them credit for.

    1. My wife bought a first gen sportage and I was floored by how well it handled off-road and no-road stuff here in Washington.

  5. The first gen Kia Sportage was designed with the help of Mazda. It shares the same base frame as the Mazda Bongo and uses the FE-DOHC Mazda 2.0l licensed for production by Kia Motors. You'll recognize the Mazda FE engine from the B2000 trucks. My wife bought one and its bad ass for what it is. We're working on lifting it and finding a Mazda Bongo 2.0 turbo diesel engine to swap in, it's a direct swap with the Kia FE.


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