Thursday, March 22, 2018

Supercharged S52: 1996 BMW 318ti E36/5

This next car has a very optimistic asking price -- particularly when you consider you can find a totally stock 318ti for a lot less...but if you want to go REALLY fast and you love the truncated look of the E36/5 and the oversteer handling of the E30 style semi-trailing arm suspension..this could be your ticket to ride. Find this 1996 BMW 318ti E36/5 offered for $15000 in Thornwood, NY via craigslist.  From Cory.

 From the seller:

$15,000 FIRM- Clean NY Title - Located in Thornwood, NY just 30 minutes from NYC
1996 Supercharged E36 BMW 318ti Factory MTech Slicktop in Pacific Blue *RARE*
This VIN shows that all M3 body parts and sunroof delete came from factory. All Original body!
100's of pounds lighter than the E36 M3! This car gets attention when parked and driving!

447 WHP Dyno Tuned low boost by RK Tunes - Larger Injectors & Race Fuel 550+ WHP
Less Than 10k Miles On Build, Over $25k invested!:
S52 Engine Swap from 1999 E36 M3 ($4,000)
Active Autowerke Stage 2+ C38 Supercharger Intercooled Kit ($7,000
VAC Motorsports Stage 3 Port and Polished Head ($3,500
Shrick Supercharger Race Cams ($1,400
CES Boost Head Gasket & Spacer - ARP Headstuds - OBD1 Intake Manifold Conversion
Headers - Full Custom Dual Exhaust - Z3M Mufflers
Custom 40 Locking Differential - E36 Race Axles - New BC Coilovers
Fender Flares - Apex Wheels 9.5" Wide- Nitto NT01 275 Width
New Brakes - New Rear Differential - New Race Clutch
$15,000 FIRM- Serious Car For Serious Drivers - 

See a better way to go fast in a tea-eye?


  1. If the dyno numbers are true then this is definitely a slick sleeper. I wouldn't put that kind of money into the shorted-ass 318 body, but if the interior/build is as clean as the rest of it, a true BMW fan could have a ton-o-fun. Parts list is nice, but would want to know how many miles on the short block of aforementioned '99 M3 motor....

  2. $15k escrow to test drive... well, I certainly do appreciate his/her confidence. Who am I kidding? This is a dude.

  3. This car gets attention when parked and driving! - Because everyone is wondering when it was rearended.

    All joking aside this is truly what an M car is (almost all about). Lightweight, quick, great handling, and good looks - well 3 out of 4.

  4. I thought $15k was a typo with an extra 0 on the end.


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