Friday, March 16, 2018

**OH SO RARE**:: 1978 Dodge Aspen

The Dodge Aspen was a compact sedan/coupe built on a chassis shared with the Plymouth Volaré, Dodge Dart, & Chrysler Valiant.  This next example is priced at a fairly high asking price...but how many low mile Aspens in nice shape can possibly exist on the planet?  Find this 1978 Dodge Aspen offered for $7200 in Ft Myer, FL via craigslist.  Tip from Dascpcu.

From the seller:

Classic 1978 DODGE ASPEN 

Super Slant 6 Engine

Bucket Seats

Florida title. Car originally from Bangor Maine and has been garaged there up until last year. Runs and looks great. 

Lots of life left in her with only 40,451 original miles. 

Offers may be considered but MUST be presented in person with cash in hand.

See a better way to drive something strange?


  1. When you asked " how many low mile Aspens in nice shape can possibly exist on the planet? ", I wanted to be snarky and say "One too many". But then I looked at this thing, and as often is the case, I just have to take my hat off to anyone who preserved a car this well for so long. Why devote such care to an Aspen? Because it was there!

  2. Aspen/Volare are F-body. Dart/Valiant are A-body. They share nothing other than engines and transmissions, along with rear axles. Not a "shared platform" at all.

  3. I hope it got "Rusty Jones" rustproofing from the dealer...


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