Thursday, March 8, 2018

LS6 Powered: 1985 Chevrolet Corvette

The C4 Corvette was first introduced in 1984 as the future of Corvette styling with a sleek and aerodynamic look.  The inside introduced a digital LCD dash display that was going to be the future of motoring. We can all be thankful that the future has moved past LCD dashes and plain wrapper styling...but this next C4 might have you tempted to go back to that future. Find this 1985 Chevrolet Corvette offered for $12,500 in Rhode Island via craigslist.  From Cory.

From the seller:

Posting for sale, my 1985 Corvette, which has been meticulously built and maintained. Cost over $30,000 to do the car, and currently has 7100 miles on the build.
Here is what the car is about:
-ls-6 out of a 2004 zo6 with 33k documented miles
-Performabuilt level 3 4l65e transmission, rated for 800hp, with their billet 3500rpm converter ($4000+ transmission)
-Stainless 1 7/8 headers and full stainless 3" magna flow exhaust
-custom made lsx conversion harness that is the nicest one I've seen yet
-c5 zo6 front brake conversion
-all adjustable control arms
-built posi rear with 3.73 gears
-true CCW wheels with 315 Nitto drag radials in the rear, and kuhmo 295's in the front
-b&m shifter
-Autometer gauges/vettaid dash conversion
-braided stainless (teflon) fuel, trans and power steering lines
-new rack
-body and paint done in 2012
-has removable targa top and bag for storage
-trunk mounted battery with kill switch in place of the passenger's side reverse light
-has 1992 nose and rear bumpers/plastics
-Added tint to the windows (not shown in pictures) will update
This car is a blast to drive! It handles like a dream, is great on fuel and will blow your mind as to how quick it is.
The interior has been done and is in good shape, however still has red carpet. The body is beautiful, and underneath is just as nice as on top. It does not have heat, a/c or wipers, due to room needed for the engine swap. Those things can be accommodated for those who want to be crafty, however this is clearly a fair weather car anyway. Has an aftermarket radio with aux input as well.
We drove the car to Lebanon Valley Dragway for a day trip in the fall of 2016, went 11.60's @119mph with no burnout, and drove it home. Averaged 22mpg including the 10 or so passes we made. Cruises 80 at 2500rpm. This is a fast, reliable, consistent, fun to drive and looks great. Must see in person to appreciate. I'm open to close, in person offers. I will not entertain low balls. This is the season to enjoy such a great car

See another car that will surprise everybody?


  1. The car sounds like fun, but "does not have heat, a/c or wipers" - WTF!?! Are there actually places where there are no inspections on transfer, that would allow you to register a car with no wipers? When I read that, I assumed the car would be for sale in some place like Arizona, but Rhode Island?

    1. CA has no inspection for road-worthiness other than a smog test. No wipers, no tailights, no bumpers, no problem. 1 ppm over arbitrary NOx limit -- NO CAR FOR YOU!

  2. Found this one locally for $500. I have worked on the ol' tpi motors before, fairly simple.
    I like that it has a hardtop as well
    Joe Dirt Cheap Vette

  3. Got to agree with Bobinott, sounds like fun, bbbbuuuuuuuttttttt!
    Sounds to me like something happened during the swap and the choice was made. I can easily see AC, and the heater maybe if you live in a warm climate, but wipers! if you dig around in his pile of parts I bet you could find the wiper assembly ready to go. They just forgot to install it and didn't want to remove the engine to reinstall them.

  4. Don't be such a wimp. Just apply some Rain X to the windshield once a month. Wipers? We don't need no stinking wipers!

    1. May not need them, but TX DPS is real funny about cars that don't pass inspection being on the roadways. No pass inspection, no tags. 8-)

  5. I live in RI, you definitely need wipers to pass inspection. I do not see a inspection sticker in the window, so this owner is driving around without an inspection sticker. If caught, he will need to have it inspected within 5 days or pay penalty and lose registration.

    1. He could be driving around in a different state with RI plates. I know a guy with cars that won't pass inspection to get stickers, but he lives outta state, so no problem.


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