Sunday, March 11, 2018

Jet Powered Death Wish: 1991 Holden Commodore

Earlier this year I had the good fortune to visit the land down under for a business trip and I can tell you it was a magical place.  The scenery was otherworldly and the cars were also from another dimension...but this next car is not just another fast saloon car, its a bloody ripper. If you don't want a car that requires a checklist to get going in the morning or could give you third degree burns if you turn left probably should look elsewhere.  Find this 1991ish Holden Commodore Jet Car here on ebay currently bidding for $10,000 AUD ($7,853 USD) located in Enfield, South Australia with 1 day to go. Tip from Lars W.

We've all thought about building a jet powered super sedan, but haven't had the time, money, or jet engine to make it happen.  The builder of this thing took a Holden Commodore and shoved a Rolls Royce Bristol Siddeley Viper 201 turbo jet right up its keister.  The project is, naturally, unfinished -- you'll need paint, body work, and first aid skills.  And an understanding of jet engines can't hurt either.

From the seller:
For sale is a Jet powered VN/VP Commodore project race car. Serious buyers only Please.
The Jet engine is fully operational and has been test run several times in the car.

The engine is a  Rolls Royce Bristol siddeley Viper 201 turbojet.
Rolls Royce Vipers were used in several variants in many aircraft.

The Thrust output of the engine is 2,800 pounds, which is equivalent to over 3000 Hp.
The standard jet pipe is on the engine however some of parts to assemble an afterburner will be included. An afterburner will increase the output to over 5000 Pounds of thrust.

Its an unfinished project, all it needs is paint and other body work as required, and a  Roll cage and any other safety equipment as necessary.
The body is straight and rust free.

The engine is in complete good running condition, includes Starter motor, Igniter box, all instrumentation, EGT, Percent rpm Gauge (analog and digital), oil pressure gauge, etc.

It can be started for a demonstration or viewed for serious buyers by appointment before the end of the auction.
Full engine start, run and shutdown procedures will be given.

It is located in Adelaide you will need to arrange pickup or freight.

This is the real deal, and is a rare and unique opportunity to own a real jet powered car.
The fuel tank holds 100 liters of JET-A1 fuel. It could also run on diesel or kerosene.

It can not be registered or driven on public roads. It is racing or exhibition use only.

The buyer will need to determine suitability to run at a particular track or location.

See a better way to drive a jet?


  1. "Paging Richard Hammond, your car is ready."

    Seriously, looking at that interior shot just makes me shudder. My first race car was a heavily modified Ford Anglia 105E. The engine had been relocated to the passenger seat area (better weight distribution, you know). The idea that I sat beside that potential hand-grenade makes me marvel at the sense of invincibility I must have had at the time.

    1. Oh, wait.... I just noticed it is a four-door. I'm out! ;-)

  2. The 4 doors just make maintenance easier. Just please sell it to "little rocket man" in N Korea. I saw one of these fired up at one of the car events I used to attend, they are very scary when fired up and you better have good ear plugs and a good place to hide in case of problems. George in Toronto

  3. It can not be registered or driven on public roads.That sucks. I'm out.

  4. I'm're supposed to sit NEXT TO the engine? How does that work?

    1. Very well...right up to the point where it doesn't.

  5. "Roll cage and any other safety equipment as necessary."
    understatement of the year

    "The body is straight and rust free."
    For now.

  6. Wile e Coyote lives in Australia now?

    1. OK, that made me laugh out loud. Good on ya, mate.

      -Stan (the *other* Stan...who has lots of great memories from time spent with friends in Oz...)

  7. No Wucking Forries mate, hold my Vic Bitter and watch this! (Seen on a tombstone in about a month.)

    1. Used to have a vp commodore, same colour as the back where the big 'pipe' comes out.

  8. Am I the only one noticing that there's no mention of brakes? I'm going to assume that the factory Holden setup isn't up to the task of putting a stop to 3000 hp. Can't run a chute because where would it fit and how do you not set it on fire with the jet? So where's the anchor? Or is this a "run it once and die" kind of scenario?

    "I live my life a quarter mile at a time... but only one time, because I drive a jet-powered suicide machine."

    1. That should be the tag line for the next The Fast and The Unresponsive movie. The movie will star Vin Diesel and be called Fast 10-79.

      Seriously, I don't think brakes will be as big an issues as you'd expect...unless you end up with a run away turbine. Then the biggest brembos the planet are as useless on Converse on a bike tire.

  9. Winning bidder also receives the 2018 Darwin Award ...

  10. They are a nominee just for bidding on it. If they win, it will kill them. If they bid on it and their wife finds out, she will kill them...

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