Sunday, March 25, 2018

God Save The Queen- 2001 Jaguar XJ8

Here is a late weekend answer to this Wednesday's Mid Week Match-up large car search for Dave.  This 2001 XJ8 provides an unmatched level of class, distinction, and car for the dollar.  The Jaguar 4.0 V8 makes 30 more hp than the Roadmonster's stout LT1 engine and weighs less too boot.  I believe reliability of these Ford era Jag's are not too shabby either.  Find this 2001 Jaguar XJ8 for sale in Norwalk, CT for a blue light special price of $999 via craigslist.

These are the limited details and condo parking lot photos are given by the seller:

Fully loaded, black leather interior, runs great, sunroof ,huge trunk, 6 disc CD changer Lots of room in the back seat.

The seller does note only 93,000 miles in the listing and also has the model shown as a X-type which this car clearly is not.

If you have have an automatic, the Jaguar J gate is always an interesting option.  Interesting to see the proper handbrake placement on this auto equipped car.

See a better luxury car for the dollar?

Cory is heading over to NY Auto show on behalf of DT on Wednesday.  If you want to see details of anything there, post below in the comments.


  1. I had a 99 XJ8 with the ZF box. The driving experience is so wonderfully comforting compared to manufacturers from other countries. There is virtually no road noise whatsoever. The chimes and announcements for interior functions are soothing and unobtrusive. The smell of the leather is immediately noticeable, unique, and pleasant. That engine is a gem as well, I never felt like it was lacking despite the absurd weight of the thing overall. Smoooth power delivery. That car left a distinct impression on me and I do miss it.

    I had the pleasure of driving my friends XJR on several occasions. That car takes care of any sort of issues in the hooligan department, should you feel the need. You can really surprise the unknowing masses as you sail by in your spaceballs length land yacht.

    Unfortunately working on the XJ was not the most fun automotive experience I've had. Chain tensioners, radiator, pretty much all of the suspension(captive springs with absurdly expensive SST's needed to get them out), jumpy electronic throttle to name a few issues. The ZF transmission is a weak link though I never had any issues with mine. I believe this newer one came with a Mercedes box which is pretty reliable if you keep up with maintenance.

    1. @Eloquaint - thanks for sharing real-world experience. Jaguar has been through so many phases (read: corporate ownerships), it is hard to remember which ones were decent. Your experience seems to indicate (as Cory-DT surmised) that the Ford-era was not a bad one.

  2. Hard to go wrong for under a grand. These jags are nice to drive. I put 40k miles on a silver XJ from the same era. Other than coolant hoses and wear items such as tires and brakes it didn't require tons of parts,repairs or dollars to keep it on the road

  3. At that price I wonder what the need$ are...

  4. So far as need$ go, the clear coat on the trunk is completely shot. It seems to be quite common on these Jaguars. Given the lack of any close up photos, the cracking may not be limited to the trunk.

  5. under $1k? bad clearcoat? that is why they sell crystal clear krylon. either that or start decorating it with epoxy glued-on sculpture.

    1. Don't need no stinking clearcoat.

      [image src="" width="400px"/]

      My car in 1980 or so.

  6. Oh man, that would be a perfect donor car for my 71 XJ...really wish it was closer.


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