Saturday, March 17, 2018

#FAKE NEWS: 1957 Volkswagen Beetle

The term "custom car" is bandied about (like the term "fake news") nowadays to include all manner of cars with a few Pep Boys trinkets superglued to the hood.  Fortunately, there are people who put time and effort into building a colossally insane custom.  The end product it isn't just a few fudged statistics, it's more like the Onion.  Find this 1957 Volkswagen Beetle custom offered for $24,900 in Winlock, WA via craigslist.  Tip from JB1025.

 From the seller:

this vw is very cool has complete hotrod frame, fuel injected, 3.8 Pontiac v-6 motor, in the front of car, very fast, 2500.00 worth of custom rims-and tires, 4 speed overdrive automatic trans. complete corvette independent front and rear suspension , 4 wheel corvette disc brakes, call with questions, only trades would be 1967 chevelle, or willies gasser, i have money for right car, or will take cash and car from you if not worth my car. thanks, 24,900.00 ----------- 360-269 one seven one one

hot rod, rat rod, chevelle, corvette, gasser, Volkswagen , classic,

See another car that isn't what it appears to be?


  1. I'd love to have a beer with the seller and ask about the frame. Judging from the wheels in the progress pics they must have had a donor c4?

  2. Kudos. Amazing fabrication skills! And I love the so-close-to-stock exterior appearance. I tried to figure out how the cooling works. No front shot to see a radiator intake. The only choice I would have made differently is the transmission. What a hoot this would be with a 5-speed.

    1. If you enlarge the main image and look under the nose, in front of the front wheels, there looks what could be a scoop of some kind... possibly some kind of ram-air-to-radiator set up??

  3. Bring a Tremec......oh wrong site
    Kudos to the dude that built this. Probably didn't need to spend $2,500 on wheels. A steel wheel or more stock looking wheel might work better.

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  5. These V-8 Beetles weren't uncommon back in the 60's, but the most famous one was owned by Paul Newman: mid-engined, professionally done, and fast. Newman donated his mid-engine V-8 Beetle to Chaffee College... there's an article about it here:

  6. So much more fun than a VW with a Corvette body
    Sort of the same idea as this


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