Thursday, March 22, 2018

Bring in da Funk: 2008 Ford Expedition Funkmaster Flex Edition

No need to adjust your television set, the information you are about to see is correct and has been altered in no way from its original recording.  Back in 2008, the Ford Motor Company created a vehicle in collaboration with Aston George Taylor Jr -- who is professionally known as DJ Funkmaster Flex.  According to wikipedia, Funkmaster (as his friends call him) is a disc jockey, rapper, record producer, actor and host of an FM radio station out of New York City, but got his start making "mixtapes"...which isn't the same thing as the bootleg recordings you put on cassette back in the 1990s in your Jetta, but is a form of music where you mix and re-play other people's music into something that you sell and then make money. I've got to be honest, I'm totally lost here and I'm not sure what this is or how a disc jockey could be "certified gold" by the RIAA...but I digress.  Anyway, find this (one of 650 produced) 2008 Ford Expedition Funkmaster Flex Edition offered for $12995 in Mobile, AL via craigslist.  Tip from Wesley.

The seller is a small used car dealer who isn't asking a fortune for this oddball future isn't exactly cheap for a used Expedition with 132k miles, but it could be worth something to the right Funkmaster Flex fan.

From the seller:
Year : 2008
Make : Ford
Model : Expedition
Trim : Limited
Mileage : 132,598 miles
Transmission : Automatic
Exterior Color : Black and red
Interior Color : Black
Series : Limited 
Drivetrain : RWD
Condition : Excellent
VIN : 1FMFU19598LA36570
Stock ID : 11510
Engine : 5.4L

Description of this Ford Expedition Limited
Unique 2008 Ford Expedition FunkMaster Flex Limited Edition! Extremely Clean! Local Trade, 0 Accidents, fully loaded vehicle with Black and Red exterior color and black leather seats, V8, 5.4 Liter, Automatic, 6-Spd w/Overdrive, 4WD, Traction Control, Stability Control, ABS (4-Wheel), Power Steering, Tilt Wheel, AM/FM Stereo, Navigation System, Sirius Satellite, DVD System, CD/MP3, Keyless Entry, Air Conditioning, Power Windows, Cruise Control, Air Conditioning, Rear, Power Door Locks, Cooled Seats, Heated Seats, Dual Power Seats, Third Row Seating, Parking Sensors, Dual Air Bags, Head Curtain Air Bags, Roof Rack, Towing Package, Oversized Premium Wheels 20'', Power Sun roof

 See a better way to get funky?


  1. I thought this was the model where the driver's seat is permanently reclined. Must have been replaced at some point..... ;-)

  2. If this thing has back seats instead of subwoofers in a fiberglass enclosure I will be very disappointed.

    See a better Whip to drive "dancers" to private events in?

    1. Can definitely see dancers riding in it from the topless club, but "entertainers" from the 24 hr. all nude joint (behind the liquor store) ride in this...

      [image src="" width="400px"/]

  3. And anyway, why is this special edition based on a Ford Expedition instead of a Ford (Funkmaster) Flex? Someone in Marketing missed the obvious.....

  4. The red on the dash and doors seem a little garish to me but should be able to be easily replaced.
    Bobinott, the Flex didn't come onto the scene till 2009 and I guess Funkmaster couldn't wait.. 8-) Flex is his last name.
    Sean Scott, I was surprised to see third row seats. The giant woofers must have been pulled by the P.O. lol

    1. Ah, good catch on the timeline! Thanks. Maybe Funkmaster CAUSED the Flex to appear?

  5. I use to see one riding around the hood looked pretty good to me have not seen it for a minute or more now.


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