Monday, March 19, 2018

Aero Dynamite: 2008 Saab 9-5 Aero

I'm not entirely sure why I'm inexplicably drawn towards these late model Saabs...because reliability is meh, and parts availability is arrrgg...but the way the funky styling, turbo power and manual gearboxes is a combination hard to ignore.  Find this 2008 Saab 9-5 Aero offered for $5995 in Phoenix, AZ via craigslist.  Tip from Zach Z.

From the seller:

2008 SAAB 9-5 AERO 5 SPEED MANUAL. One of 10 POLAR WHITE 283 made 2007-2009 one of 227 total manual Aeros made.

Car runs and drive great, fully loaded PS. DPL, PS, PW, MOON ROOF, BACKUP SENSORS, NAV, LEATHER POWER SEATS, ICE COLD AC.
This car is in excellent shape, a must see and drive. 
Please call to see the car.

See a better way to drive a SAAAAAAAAAAB?


  1. "...because reliability is meh, and parts availability is arrrgg"

    On the off chance that someone here might have an informed opinion, are there any era Saabs that at least have parts available and are sort of reliable?

    I'm afraid I'd be underwater with a new Sabb

  2. You've got a great car.
    Yeah, what's wrong with it today?
    I used to have one too... maybe I'll come and have a look.

    (Bohemian Like You, Dandy Warhols)

  3. The rare POLAR WHITE does not do this one any favors. Looks like an appliance.

  4. I do not have firsthand knowledge but have heard that it's not too hard to find most parts for newer Saabs, so maybe do some research first if anyone is planning to consider one.

    I did end up using a Saab 9000 Aero clutch pressure plate in my Volvo 242, and I can say that one was hard to get, and expensive. But it's a nice large 240mm diameter plate which allows me to use a bigger clutch disc to increase torque capacity without having to resort to ultra stiff springs, so it was worth the effort and cost to make it work.

  5. I have a 2002 9.3 Viggen that I've owned since 2004 at which time I installed a Nordic Stage 4 Tune. The car has been one of the most reliable cars I've ever owned and that's with a little over 300 HP and crazy torque (I had to install a Quaife LSD. Alternator, power steering and coolant hosesand recently a starter motor has been all that's been required other than tires, brakes, and the odd suspension part. Parts have been easily obtainable on line through sources such as eEuro Parts. 9.5 Aeros are really nice cars with lots of interior space, just too bad they didn't continue the tradition of a hatch!

  6. This car was dated when it came out. Some faults: Driver's seat rake adjuster broke. Front wheel bearing needed replacing. Indicators and wipers failed at the same time. Mystery loss of the air conditioning on one occasion. Annoying buzz from interior light fitting. When I first got it, it had an annoying hesitation under full acceleration. Windscreen wipers always wore out very quickly and scraped across the screen. Front passenger interior door handle wouldn't open the door. Despite the above, my Saab 9-5 was mechanically reliable and never failed to start nor did it actually let me down. Where Saab needed to improve massively was interior fixtures and fittings. Although mechanically robust, the interior just wasn't built well enough, and mine was the facelift model! Enjoy it while it lasts, everything has an opportunity cost. The resale is great when buying, but poor when selling. If you plan on driving the car until it dies, then it's a great deal.

  7. Gee I can't believe they went out of business. It is a shame though. I would still like to drive a 9-7x
    I believe the last "designed" Saab?
    [image src="" width="400px"/]

  8. This is nice and all, but i'm partial to the last generation 9-5 myself

  9. I drive, wait no, my wife drives a '95 Aero as a DD and it is decent fun. Still stock tune with a five speed getting ready to roll over 95k mi, it's fun, though I wish that the Recaros were in the tan / beige rather than the dark grey, as it's like a bit of a tomb in the winter in AK.

    1. Get yourself a tune on that thing. The little coin that is costs is well worth it. There are many good Saab tuners out there.

  10. Want want want.

    Too much funkiness for one enthusiast to reasonably expect to sample in one lifetime. and that’s just the Swedes.


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