Thursday, February 15, 2018

Wings Clipped: Former Red Bull 1997 Suzuki X-90

The title of Oddest & Smallest 90s SUV goes, without question, to the Suzuki X-90. Mechanically the twin of the Sidekick, aka Escudo in JDM-lingo, the little 2-door T-top sport cute X-90 weighed only 2400 pounds and was actually shorter in length than the original NA Mazda Miata. Makes sense then that Austrian beverage media company Red Bull would convert them into drink dispensing, marketing funded, tax writeoff machines. Find this 1997 Suzuki X-90 with built-in cooler for sale in Carson, CA for $1,950 $1,850 via craigslist. Tip from Sean S. who writes "the most macho tailgating truck ever - built in beer cooler."

The Red Bull conversion placed a giant energy drink can at a jaunty angle on the rear of the vehicle, resting on the rear trunk edge and the roof. Perhaps this was Adrian Newey's first aero development mule before the debut of the RB1 Formula 1 car in 2005? Paint scheme on the Zook was silver and blue in the corporate colors, and the trunk was replaced with a twin-lidded cooler to allow the underpaid attractive young women to chuck cans at will towards unsuspecting adolescent males.

Sadly (or gladly, as the case may be) the marketing schwag has been ripped off of this X-90, leaving only the built-in cooler as a reminder of its former life as a free sample dispenser. Use it for six packs of b... soda, or indeed, anything you want to keep cold. But there won't be any room for cargo except your lone passengers' lap.

This is a relatively rare little weirdo, with only a few thousand sold over 3 model years. The seller wants less than $2k and it does have a 5-speed manual, so the entertainment per dollar metric may be pretty high despite...well, everything else about this thing.

From the seller:

Hello Facebook I am selling my
1997 Suzuki X-90
It's not your average X-90
This was a Custom Made by Red Bull
The SUV has T-Tops
A 5 speed manual transmission
Aux cord om the radio
around 22-25mpg
It has a cooler in the back great for food or drinks.
Ultimate fishing vehicle or riding to the beach/lake
Super light so towable by an RV
Current registration and Tittle is on hand

See a dirtier built-in cooler? email us here:

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  1. Had me going until I saw it was two wheel drive. You can kind of think of the four wheel drive version as an off road Miata. But I suppose this would make an interesting fishing vehicle - ice chest built in for storing your catch! No room for the fishing rods, but I suppose you could add a giant beer can to carry them in...

  2. Listing has changed
    These are apparently popular as parts donors for Locost Seven builds, but this seems too nice for that.

    1. Thank you - I updated the link as well as the price (reduced by $100).

  3. haha looks fun
    [image src="" width="400px"/]

    1. [image src="" width="400px"/]

  4. I really do like this. This would be impossible to pass up were it not located in the opposite corner of the country. A few years ago I traveled around with an RV and would have loved to find one of these. These and the Isuzu vehicross with the trackers of Geo are such fun little cars .If this were equipped with the four-wheel drive drivetrain I would probably be planning a flight to CA and road trip back to Florida

  5. One question though... Will a CA tittle serve as proof of ownership to other states? Although in Florida you can title and register a pair of roller blades if you so desire we require a title

  6. Pretty much a Grail find! I found and posted one a couple years ago, but this one's in better shape. The wheels were the same, so that must have been part of the Red Bull livery. That one was 4WD, but automatic. This one is RWD, but manual. If only the best attributes could be combined...

  7. I remember a Ford Explorer Sportrac with the can that came into the dealership where I worked. It was two years old and had 425,000 miles on it. You might want to check the miles on this.

  8. How do I contact the seller?

    1. Page Emmett "Doc" Brown and see if you can borrow his DeLorean. If you get it, set the time back to 2/25/18.
      Make sure you don't run into yourself, you will mess up the space time continuum. And don't make out with your mom.


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