Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Red Baron: 1967 Ford F100

Who says a classic pickup truck needs a beefy V8 to be cool?  Errr...well...probably a lot of folk, but they'd be wrong to ignore the appeal of a slant-6 mated to a simple 3-speed manual.  Find this 1967 Ford F100 offered for $3,500 in Little Orleans, MD via craigslist. Tip from Jeff S.

From the seller:
1967 Ford F100
240 CI Inline 6 cylinder
3 Speed on the floor. 3 speed on column moved to a floor shifter. 
Odometer reads 88xxx

Runs and drives decent for a 67. Manual brakes and no power steering so takes a real driver to enjoy this truck :) Gears all work great. No clutch slip or gear pop outs. Defiantly no power house but it is a great cruiser that I hate to sell but I have to many projects right now and just realize I'm not going to have time for this one anytime soon, so might as well let someone else enjoy this beauty. Lowered on Crown suspension in the front and the rear is a flip kit. Come check it out if you are serious about the truck. Has a couple small issues that I will talk to someone who is serious about in on the phone or in person. I drive the truck a good bit actually so I know its a decent runner. I have 2 sets of wheels for the truck, both are pictured. Little rust hear and there on the body but nothing to bad. Frame has no rust. 

Will not take any low ball offers so don't waste my time or yours. I do not have to sell it but I will for the right person.

See a better way to drive a classic truck? tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. Unless this seller is into oddball Dodge into Ford swaps, I believe this is just a good old regular straight six cylinder!

    1. As usual, the e-i-c was the one who was 'slanted' while typing this. Rest assured he knows that Chrysler's take on inline sixes was a bit slanted but knows that Ford took a straight forward approach.
      As the previous owner of an F-100 with 300 cid 6 and a 4 speed on the floor, the basic Ford powertrain is a great way to go for cheap operation and easy maintenance. You can pretty much climb under the hood and close it while working on the engine.

  2. Slant 6? And some people complain about hemis in Fords...

    1. I complain more about "Hemis" in modern Fiat-Chrysler products. As far as I know, none of them has a hemispherical combustion chamber. I love telling people at car shows that my Citroen 2CV has a Hemi (and at least it's true!).

  3. I wonder if the seller has an application process or palm reader to tell who is the right person to sell to?
    Buying an old truck is tougher than I would imagine. What Carhartts should I wear, WD40 or ATF behind the ear, Bud, Coors, or Miller?

  4. Brings out the baron in me [image src="http://goo.gl/images/tjY8u5" width="400px"]

  5. I once had a f100 with the 300 six. Plenty of room to stand or sit on the inner fender in the engine room. Shady on hot days, dry on rainy days. Got if for free because it had a blown head gasket and the bearings were shot in the u joint. Gave it an “art car” paint job and drove it in NYC. T-boned a cab that swerved in front of me (and a cop) to pick up a fare , and from then on cabs wouldn’t get within ten feet of me. Made Manhattan traffic super easy to get through.


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